2020 Passed But Air Pollution In Garden City Of Lahore Could not Reduced

Lahore The government’s claims made in early 2020 to eliminate air pollution did not materialize. During the smog season, Lahore repeatedly topped the list of the world’s most polluted cities.During the smog season in Punjab, it was decided to permanently close the brick kilns with old technology. The Department of the Environment has decided that from November 7, only ZigZag eco-friendly technologies will run, but contrary to claims, the transition to ZigZag technology has been extremely slow.

Out of 162 in Lahore, only 82 kilns could be converted to ZigZag technology. The 80 brick kilns in the provincial capital still have old technology. The conversion rate of kilns to environmentally friendly technology is 50.62%.Out of 7,670 kilns in Punjab, only 2,206 moved to ZigZag. Thus, the transfer rate of brick kilns in the province in one year was only 28.76 percent. In Lahore, 134 steel mills and 147 different factories are also operating without air pollution control equipment.

Citizens say Lahore, once known as the Garden City, is now plagued by pollution. Punjab Environment Minister Bao Muhammad Rizwan has said that kilns are being rapidly shifted to ZigZag technology and has worked with other departments to meet the manpower shortage in the department.Even on New Year’s Eve, the air pollution situation could worsen if claims are made.

Updated: December 29, 2020 — 10:32 am

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