Corona virus Countries like Pakistan Zimbabwe Mexico Wait For Covid 19 Vaccine

Corona virus: Countries like Pakistan, Zimbabwe and Mexico may have to wait for the Covid 19 vaccine. Pictures of the first people to be vaccinated against covid 19 have not brought happiness to everyone around the world. For some countries, such as Zimbabwe, Mexico and Pakistan, the battle for vaccines can be long and painful.

Louis Chingando was not happy to see people in the UK getting vaccinated, on the contrary she was upset. Like most of us, they are waiting for the corona to be vaccinated and for life to return to normal. But unlike many people, they see no hope in their lives.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. “All we have to do now is wait and see if we can get the vaccine in our lifetime,” she said. I’m afraid I’ll fall victim to Corona and die without help. “That sounds like an exaggeration, but they’ve seen it happen before.

So far, 189 countries have signed for covid vaccine. These countries have supported the World Health Organization and the supply of vaccines internationally. The effort aims to unite the world into a global bloc to make deals with pharmaceutical companies easier.

Out of 189 countries, 92 are either low-income or low-income countries. Donor countries will pay for the vaccine. The United Kingdom has announced 500 million in funding for this purpose. Russia and the United States are among the few countries that are not donating. The rest of the world will buy the vaccine through Kovacs, but it may be available to them at a good price if they bargain well for themselves.

Mexico is a big supporter of the scheme and will buy vaccines through it. But Martha Delgado, a senior official who negotiated the vaccine deal for Mexico, knows that getting the vaccine for 20 percent of the population will not stop the growing number of people infected with the Covid-19 virus. She is also trying to get vaccines from other sources. And the delay in achieving that can lead to many deaths. “The coming months are very critical,” she says.

Pakistan’s major universities have been instrumental in the trial injection of the vaccine by the Chinese company Kan Sino Bio. And maybe that will help them get the vaccine. And money is not the only thing that matters. Ms. Delgado acknowledges that Mexico’s good diplomatic relations also played a role in the vaccine deal.

Updated: December 20, 2020 — 6:40 am

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