Coronavirus Hinders Christmas Celebrations

Christmas is one of the most important events of the Christian community. They celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ with full zeal and enthusiasm. Unfortunately, this time Covid 19 has created a sense of both non satisfactory economic conditions and secondly health insecurities which is not allowing Christian’s to be fully enjoying this absolutely beautiful even of their about which they wait the whole year.

This is for the first-time people were used to get everything and celebrate Christmas to the top of their lungs have created the poorest way of celebration a very economically unstable areas of Pakistan.French colony have allowed a very few members to visit and experience the joy of Christmas due to Covid-19 is just not responsible for killings people economically it is also responsible for sacrificing peoples fun, joy and mental satisfaction which is usually drawn by celebrating and been together.

People do have Christmas, but they don’t have money to celebrate since the NCOC has not allows the local public to entertain Christmas facilities. When we visit the French colony last year a huge amount of Ornamental Decoration could be seen how ever this year very few strings of hanging lights from the roof of the church can be seem.

The local people of French colony mention that it is absolutely impossible if there is an event and you can’t hug your loves one and we can’t really make sure for our very younger kids to understand this pandemic and not to play with each other they also believe that God is going to help them but the authorities has to play there part.

Corona virous has been effecting the community both economically and socially but the harder impact was made on the economy that mean they hurt peoples saying that they know somebody lost their job but they are not sure if someone has actually contacted this virous. This time on Christmas the Gloomy faces outcasted the happy faces and this is why the financial management of the government appears to be failed.

Pervez Jan 32 year old man was kicked out of his job from one of the delivery company as the virus begins to enter in March. This Christmas he was seen seating up a table and selling a Christmas ornamental, but he could not makes allot of sales. This proves that Covid-19 has Disrupted seriously distributed in terms of money and happiness. Government has allowed the celebration but on the whole Covied-19 seems to Restraint it.

Updated: December 25, 2020 — 7:50 am

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