Covid 19 A death Creator 111 deaths In Pakistan Last 24 Hours

Life is the most precious thing in the whole world and when it comes to be living it with the most deadly viruses and bacteria’s, it is supposed to be the most risky experience of life. According to the NCOC the newly updated figures of speech include 111 new deaths due to covid and the total number of positive cases becomes 465070.

The death rate has already been increased making it more and more difficult for the healthcare system to take this burden. Sindh remains that province which has the highest number of toll of patients then comes Punjab and KPK on the 2nd value. Approximately 2256 people are tested positive for this deadly virus on the daily basis scale.

If we take a look at the total number of cases registered in the section wise area of Pakistan then the province Sindh will have 133874 total patients contacting with covid, Punjab with 56160 patients had a history with this virus. The total number of contact of people with covid in Baluchistan is 18005.Kashmir is also not behind with such a number of approximately 8005 patients and Gilgit Balistan with 8065 total patients.

Pakistan has been an active country in terms of covid testing and the total number of conducting tests are 6428240 and with daily testing of 3737173. This virus is very transmissible and for this the government has been sending clear messages to the local people of Pakistan that if they didn’t really value the importance of how to manage the SOPs in the Pakistan then it will be very difficult for the people who work under the medical staff and other health care working professional to manage the stop of transmission of the risky virus.

Government has been creating great awareness about such a virus but it solely depends upon the people of all of the country how they take it or not.If they will continue not to value the importance of masks, sanitizing and the upcoming vaccination then it will be for sure that this will kill more than the double of the standards of people as compared to what it is killing now a days or may be more as compared to the most deadly era of this virus.

Fatalities faced by such deadly virus are supposed to be controlled by both people and government, however when we look at the death rate 417314 patients are still critical so if not managed well it will not be best for us to cater a situation like this trouble will get seriously uncontrollable.

Updated: December 24, 2020 — 10:14 am

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