COVID-19 Food Growing Importance Food Wastage in Pakistan

Globally there are plenty of problems that have great effects and one of those includes the wastage of food.Food is considered to be the basic neccessity of life after oxygen and in many parts of the world the survey has been taken and approximately one third of the total for the world population is been disposed and this is actually a very shameful fact to accept as we being Pakistanis are wasting more than 36 million tonnes of food .

Cumulatively Pakistan has a rate of 40% distortion of food on weddings, parties and the shocking prevailing fact is that out of every 132 people 82 are short on food and are suffering from hunger.This is why a very high amount of children suffer from anemia and or other trace or major mineral deficiencies.

The Punjab Food Authority has been working on this great cause and for this their volunteers work inorder to collect excess food from the hotels and the parties and provide to the donors. This process could be improvised even more by making a mobile app which is directly linked to the great working authorities like Akhuwat Food Bank and etc so that more linkages to the donors could be made and more and more people could be served food without its disposal.

As far as implementation is concerned, someone has suggested developing a food sharing mobile app to connect donors with deserving people. Through this, Pakistan’s leading food donor organizations such as Akhot Food Bank and Sailani Welfare Trust can contact the restaurant to collect and distribute extra food. Second, increasing public-private partnerships for the disposal of surplus food will increase the effectiveness of the regulation.

Introduce incentives for restaurants that donate extra food. Other measures such as banning fancy foods at weddings, awareness programs on food waste and vulnerable households, smart shopping recycling regulations, etc. can go a long way in reducing food waste in Pakistan.

Updated: December 21, 2020 — 1:38 pm

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