Covid Immoralities 82 People Dies Last 24 Hours

The deadly Covid 19 is not only a killer of individuals but it has been distinctively involved in the devastating of whole of families.The National Control and Operational Center actually claims to take 82 lives in the whole of country while the total people being tested positive in the past 24 hours include 1074, which makes 460 672 cases in the total calculations with 82 new deaths on this very Tuesday, however this has created the total death rate near about 10000.

This virus has been a great been a great destructor throughout it came into being but since the second layer has been around this is the updated version which is even more dangerous and life taking for not only adults but for kids as well. Government of Pakistan has also requested the authorities ans the local people to absolutely consider the SOPs because only prevention could be the main tool to actually confide this updated virus layer and could play part in the betterment of the current sufferers.

The government has also improvised the new testing abilities according too which the total number of testing becomes 6370707 for daily basis in which 34594 are deciphered as the test performed in the last 24 hours.The health care professional are also giving a figure of 2398 patients to be very severe in their situation and could get worse day by day. The fatalities may lead to even a higher number if more and more care would not have been taken.

Every province has a great number of patients suffering from this virus and the death toll is also quite devastating which includes the highest number of paramedical staff. The affected number in Sindh given my the NCOC is 205484 patients similarly with Punjab the critical situation of the virus can be observed by the number of total affected patients which is 132526.

It has been observed that khyber Pakhtunkhwa also has a great number of patients suffering from Covid however the most medical staff that got in the central hands of this virus is considered to be from KPK, however the number of patients is 55450. Balochistan is also quite heavily effected by this virus having a toll of 17950 patients which absolutely less medical facilities and active paramedics to be available for them to be cured.

Azad Kashmir does have 4831 patients and that is the reasons new teams are supposed to sent there for the betterment and reversal of this transmissible virus. Luckily Pakistan’s total 410973 patients have recovered amazingly and 2398 patients are still under great pressure and the paramedics are working really hard to make it a way better scenario.

Updated: December 23, 2020 — 7:41 am

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