Global Funding For construction Of Dams & Power Plants Begins in Pakistan

International funding has started for the construction of dams and power plants in Pakistan. The World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the United States, Saudi Arabia, France and Germany have started issuing loans for dams and hydro power projects.

According to the Economic Affairs Division’s Foreign Economic Assistance Report for July-November, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank will provide Rs 1.51 billion this year for the fifth expansion project of the Tarbela Hydropower Project.The United States provided Rs. 918.7 million for the Tarbela Dam repair and minor improvement project. The World Bank has decided to provide Rs. 100 million for laying of transmission line and Rs. Out of this, Rs. 226.3 million has been released from July to November.

The World Bank will provide Rs 4.5 billion for the Dasu Hydropower Project during the current financial year. Saudi Arabia will provide Rs 50 crore for Diamer Bhasha Dam. ADB will provide Rs 1.5 billion for Sikhi Kanari, Kohala Hydropower Station.ADB will provide Rs. 5 crore for Nolang Dam. China will provide Rs. 65 crore for Skardu hydropower project. Kuwait will provide Rs. 214 million for the Golan Heights hydropower project. Turkish Exim Bank will provide Rs. 5 crore for Nagdar hydropower project. The European Investment Bank will provide Rs. 74 crore for the Warsak Hydropower Project.

The European union will provide Rs 100 million for Warsak Hydropower Project, Rs 100 million for France Jagran Hydropower Project Azad Kashmir, Rs 100 million for Skardu Hydropower Project and Rs 3 crore for Dargai Hydropower Project. Germany will provide Rs. 90 million for Warsak Hydropower Project, USA Rs. 50 million for transmission of electricity from new hydropower project in Azad Kashmir and Rs. 5 billion for International Development Association Dasu Project Stage One.Similarly, the United States has provided Rs. 233 million for the development of Gomal Zam Dam Command Area and Rs. 200 million for Karam Tangi Dam.

Updated: December 26, 2020 — 5:02 pm

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