KPBTE China Scholarships for DAE DCOM Students 2023

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Board of Technical and Commercial Education Peshawar has accepted an international education from a reputable Chinese organization, and they want to let the heads of all the Polytechnics / Commerce Colleges linked with them know (TANG CHINA).

Under the terms of the agreement, students enrolled in the three-year Diploma of Associate Engineer (DAE) and Diploma in Commerce and Business Administration programs will be able to complete their studies in just two years, allowing them to meet both modern standards and those set by CPEC.

Eligibility Criteria:

Students will be able to get board certification in a variety of business and technology disciplines through coursework in both Mandarin Chinese and Chinese culture.

To help defray the cost of your education in China during your time spent there as part of the Third Year Education (TANG) agreement, you will be eligible for a full scholarship that covers everything from tuition and living expenses to travel and medical care. Each technology/course shall be limited to 25 students in accordance with the agreement.

How To Apply?

The DAE and D.COM/DBA degrees are three-year programs, and successful students will be awarded those degrees at the end of those three years. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Board of Technical and Commercial Education issues one degree.

The second diploma will come from a recognized Chinese university where the student studied and passed the relevant entrance exams.

These DAE and DCom ADB programs, all of which take three years to complete, have been consistently approved by the Government of Pakistan and are internationally recognized.

In addition, the Punjab and Sindh Board of Technical Education started providing access to these programs in its affiliated institutions as early as 2022.

Principal hopefuls should read this. Please submit your application as soon as possible using your school’s letterhead to the board for consideration. Within 7 days after the advertisement’s publication, interested parties must personally visit the Board’s academic section during business hours to obtain further information.

KPBTE China Scholarships for DAE DCOM Students 2023

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