Never Come To Power Without Hard Work, PM Imran Khan

The new government has always been under great criticism and when the work of the government is being compared with the time taken and the deliverance in that time still doesn’t become something very impressive in terms of economic or administration progress so the officials have to answer. Combating the situation the Prime Minister answers the following questions by saying the time they got Government they didn’t know about what the situation was actually when seen from outwards.

His key words were mainly that the team maintained by the Government should be actually aware of the factual information more deeply and the should have done the homework before so that they could become more and more aware of the actual figure.He himself told that majority time or may be complete time they were just trying to inculcate or decipher the figures which they get from the provinces.

Moreover he also confirmed that when they used to attach figures and compare them from different provinces their results get even more confusing and their working capabilities get even more questioned. Prime Minister claimed that after the 25th July elections till 18 August we have been really struggling the whole time looking at what are the problems that a country should face.

He also compares his government to the newly formed government of America saying that they in the first 2 months just got the idea of how to create the problem analysis and they mentioned that it was quite deformed in their nature. Running a government has never been easy but for a country like Pakistan where the actual problem to be deciphered is way too cogitation.

Imran Khan was addressing the special team of his cabinets and ministers saying that his ministers had to sign certain performance agreements where they had to promise their loyalties towards the mighty governmental tasks and then they had to manage them within the given time frame.

Prime Minister was more concerned about the electricity crises and the rising debt and when he tries to sleep it makes to be his biggest nightmares because the way it has to be taken has to really time consuming effort to solve certain issues however when we look at the current situation of Pakistan we come to realize that time has more value than money and these members have to now follow the no hard but smart work formula for the progress of country.

Updated: December 23, 2020 — 10:34 am

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