NTS Past Papers With Answers PDF 2024 Solved MCQ

Download NTS Past Papers With Answers PDF 2024 Solved MCQ from this page. These solved mcqs of NTS are very helpful for the preparation of any NTS test. Candidates must go to these mcqs to check their knowledge as well as their ability. These past papers mcqs of nts comprises of all types of subject questions. The National Assessment Program The NAT exams are administered by NTS to undergraduate applicants seeking admission to scholarships. A single test, the NTS NAT, can be used to get admission to several universities that are affiliated with NTS.

Download NTS Test Solved Past Papers PDF

One of the most well-known admission tests in Pakistan is the NTS test. Throughout the year, NTs administer many NTS tests in all of Pakistan’s main cities. After completing the FSC exam, intermediate students in the Pre-Medical, Pre-Engineering, ICS, and Arts programs take a separate NAT examination administered by NTS. Students can access the official website, www.ntsresults.org, to download prior test multiple-choice questions.

NTS Past Papers With Answers PDF

NTS Past Papers with Answer Keys Download PDF

The GAT exam, which is required for admission to master’s MS programs, is also administered by NTS. Below are past NTS NAT exam papers together with answer keys. NTS Test practice questions with answers will aid students in getting ready for the test. Pupils need to practice on several NTS practice exams. Using the link on the www.ntsresults.org website, download the NTS test multiple-choice questions.

Download NTS Past Papers with Answers PDF

NTS Past Papers Solved MCQS 2024 with Answers 

National Testing Services conducted the NAT National aptitude test for students who sought to acquire admission to undergraduate courses in universities. Multiple of renowned colleges including the public and private sector accept NTS NAT results for admissions. Without taking the institution’s entrance exam, students can take the NTS NAT exam, and their single score is good for numerous university applications.

Dowload NTS Past Papers with Solved MCQ’s

NTS Past Papers with Answers PDF 2024 Urdu, English, Islamiat, Computer Science, General knowledge, Current Affairs check from this page. Some universities only accept the results of the NTS NAT exam for admissions purposes; they don’t hold their own entrance exam. NTS Past Papers Solved MCQS download pdf from official website www.ntsresults.org.

NTS Past Papers Solved MCQS Part 1 | General Knowledge MCQ’s

  1. When Bengal was partitioned?
    (a) 1905 (b)1907 (b) 1910 (b) 1911
  2. Who presented poor man budget
    (a) Raja Ahmed (b) Liaquat Ali (c) Ch. Muhammad Ali (d) None of these
  3. When U.N.O. was formed ?
    (a) 1943 (b) 1944 (c) 1945 (d) 1946
  4. Who was editor of Zamindar ?
    (a) Ali Johar (b) (b) Zafar Ali Khan (c) Masood (d) Iqbal
  5. How many members are in E.U ?
    (a) 23 (b) 25 (c) 27 (d) 29
  6. Name the President of Cuba?
    (a)Federal Castro (b) Rahul Castro (c) Joseph Richmand (d) None of these
  7. Name of the President of India?
    (a) Abu al-Kalam (b) Sonia Gandhi (c) Manmohan Singh (d) Parthebia Patil
  8. Name the last Viceroy of India?
    (a) V.P. Menon (b) Lod Amery (c) Wavel (d) Mountabatten
  9. When did Simon Commission arrive in India?
    (a) 1926 (b) 1927 (c) 1928 (d) 1930
  10. Suez Canal Connects two seas ?
    (a) Red sea and Black sea
    (b) Mediterranean and red sea
    (c) Dead Sea and White sea
    (d) Atlantic and Pacific
  11. Who discovered penicillin?
    (a) Viscount (b) Mac million (c) Pasteur (d) None of these
  12. Who wrote friends and masters?
    (a) President Nixon (b) Z.A. Bhutto (c) Ayub Khan (d) None of these
  13. Noori-al-Malki is P.M. of?
    (a) Iran (b) Iraq (c) Syria (d) Turkey
  14. Ban-ki-Moon belongs to which Country?
    (a) China (b) Taiwan (c) South Korea (d) North Korea
  15. In which year National anthem played on ?
    (a) 1953 (b) 1954 (c) 1955 (d) 1956
  16. Where is International Court of Justice?
    (a) Rome (b) Washington (c) New York (d) Haugue
  17. When W.T.O. founded?
    (a) 1985 (b) 2002 (c) 2006 (d) none of these
  18. How many state are in USA?
    (a) 51 (b) 49 (c) 52 (d) none
  19. When Allahabad Address was delivered?
    (a) 1930 (b) 1931 (c) 1932 (d) 1933
  20. Earth rotates the sun in?
    (a) 23 hours 56 minutes 4 seconds (b) 24 hours
    (c) 23 hours 57 minutes 9 seconds (d) None of these
  21. What man exhales
    (a) Oxygen (c) Carbon mono oxide
    (b) Carbon dioxide (d) Carbon and nitrogen
  22. War and Peace was written by ?
    (a) Tolstoy (b) Dostoevsky (c) Boris Pattenson
  23. Obama belongs to the state?
    (a) New York (b) Illinois (c) Washington (d) New England
  24. Origin of Species is written by ?
    (a) Walter Disney (b) Augustus (c) None of these
  25. Headquarter of SAARC?
    (a) Islamabad (b) Dhaka (c) Kathmandu (d) Male
  26. Who introduced the system of prisons in Islamic history?
    (a) Caliph Ali (b) Caliph Umer (c) Caliph Abu Bakar (d) None of these
  27. How many times is the mention of Namaz in the Quran?
    (a) 700 (b) 750 (c) 730 (d) none of these
    Correct Answer a
  28. Currency of Kuwait?
    (a) Crown (b) Dinar (c) Dehram (d) Rial
  29. Head quarter of UNESCO?
    (a) Rome (b) Vienna (c) London (d) None of these
  30. What is fourth state of matter?
    (a) Rocks (b) Plasma (c) Water (d) None of these
  31. Why bat does not see in the night?
    (a) Bat has no eyes (b) It has in day light (c) Receives guidness from birds (d)None of these
  32. How many players are water polo?
    (a) 10 (b) 7 (c) 13 (d) 15
  33. Deficiency of vitamin E causes?
    (a) Leukemia (b) Sterility (c) Gums swelling (d) none of these
  34. Which acid is used Battery?
    (a) NACL (b) HCL (c) HNO3 (d) none of these
  35. The sun rays reach to the earth in ….. time ?
    (a) 5 minutes (b) 7 minutes (c) 8 minutes (d) 10 minutes
  36. Who is the founder of Kirshair Perja Party?
    (a) Moulvi Fazal Haq (b) I.I. Chaundrigar (c) Nizam-ud-din (d) None of these

Past Papers Solved MCQS Answer Keys

NTS Past Papers Solved MCQS

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