NTS Test CAA Answer Keys Result

Here you will get NTS Test CAA Answer Keys Result for the post of Asst.Director Human Resource (EG-01). Test was organize on Sunday 4th February, 2018 by National Testing Authorities.

Candidates appeared in NTS test for CAA Jobs are now waiting for answer keys result so that they get an estimate of their NTS Test marks. Mostly candidates appear for any NTS test were given different color book comprises of questions. Each color book questions are different from other color book. These questions color book are blue, green, pink, white and yellow.

How to get NTS Test CAA Answer Keys Result ?

Candidates waiting for their NTS Test Answer Key result must follow the steps which are describe below to get their result.

  1. Choose the color book which was given you in the test.
  2. After choosing color book click on the booklet color.
  3. Answer key result can also download from NTS official site or from ntsresults.org

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NTS Test CAA Answer Keys Result

Asst.Director Human Resource (EG-01)ANSWER KEY (Blue)

Test Held on: Sunday 4th February, 2018

Question NoCorrect ChoiceQuestion NoCorrect Choice
Q 1B Q 51D
Q 2C Q 52C
Q 3A Q 53B
Q 4B Q 54B
Q 5B Q 55D
Q 6C Q 56A
Q 7D Q 57D
Q 8D Q 58C
Q 9B Q 59C
Q 10A Q 60E
Q 11A Q 61A
Q 12C Q 62A
Q 13A Q 63C
Q 14D Q 64D
Q 15E Q 65B
Q 16D Q 66D
Q 17C Q 67C
Q 18A Q 68D
Q 19B Q 69E
Q 20C Q 70C
Q 21C Q 71C
Q 22D Q 72C
Q 23C Q 73D
Q 24A Q 74A
Q 25C Q 75D
Q 26B Q 76E
Q 27A Q 77D
Q 28D Q 78D
Q 29C Q 79B
Q 30B Q 80C
Q 31C Q 81E
Q 32C Q 82C
Q 33E Q 83B
Q 34C Q 84D
Q 35A Q 85C
Q 36A Q 86C
Q 37B Q 87D
Q 38D Q 88A
Q 39B Q 89B
Q 40B Q 90B
Q 41A Q 91B
Q 42A Q 92C
Q 43A Q 93D
Q 44D Q 94B
Q 45C Q 95B
Q 46D Q 96B
Q 47D Q 97B
Q 48A Q 98B
Q 49B Q 99B
Q 50B Q 100C

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If you are not able to check NTS Test CAA Answer Keys Result. Then send your booklet color in comment. we will be back to you with your answer keys Result.

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