Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority Approves provisional licenses to Two virtual pipeline firms

ISLAMABAD – To allow more players, the Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority issued Provisional Licenses on Thursday to two virtual pipeline companies to facilitate the supply of natural gas / LNG via bowzers to essentially off-grid consumers.

In another step, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority granted “Provisional Licenses” to two virtual pipeline companies to liberalize the gas market, promote competition in the gas market, stimulate the country’s economic growth, and ensure reliable energy supply to natural gas consumers. A statement issued by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority said a statement issued here by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority to facilitate the completion of all formalities under the provisions of OGRA Regulation 2002, LNG Policy 2011 and LNG Rules 2007, and to apply for a license to carry out regulated activities.

According to the notification, M / s LNG Easy (Private) Limited ‘and’ M / s Daewoo Gas Private limited ‘will follow the LNG virtual pipeline project for LNG supply via cryogenic bowzers and plan to use docks at the Karachi Port Trust (KPT). ) and the dock at Gwadar Port, the import, filling, transportation, marketing and distribution of liquefied natural gas (LNG) of LNG cargo under the ‘Integrated LNG Project Structure’ in accordance with Article 2 (a) of the LNG Policy 2011.

They will be the first of their kind in Pakistan and will facilitate the supply of natural gas to predominantly off-grid consumers, thus facilitating national growth, the statement said.

It should be noted here that the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority OGRA, in another development Tuesday, granted the first marketing license to two private sector companies to undertake regulated activities related to the sale of natural gas and LNG in Pakistan. Based on all available information, after the Authority has reviewed the application and listened to the claims of the applicant and participants at length, a notice published here by Tabeer Energy Marketing (Pvt) Limited (TEML) and Energas Ogra, Marketing Limited (EMPL) fulfills the legal requirements and is entitled to the required license.

Updated: January 15, 2021 — 6:28 pm

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