Prime Minister’s Naya Police Agenda Housing & Health Cards For Police

Police is basically the absolute law enforcers of a country. For Pakistan it is for the firt time that a Prime Minister has ever attend a meeting for Police.Imran Khan vowed the actual value of police around the globe, he wanted the police to become the NAYA Police so that it should work only and only for the betterment of the country and to enforce every type of law.

He also wanted that these absolutely amazing and talented being there in the police should be given health cards and should be given increased wages which will only encourage the more and more efforts and work from this elite law abiding and enforcing force.

Prime Minister was too concerned about the nation being working with honesty since honesty is the best policy and he claimed if the law makers will follow and educate people with the ways they perform them will make huge difference in the countries law abiding maintenance.

According to him police should work with new strategies and new performing skills should be enhanced. He addressed the police officials to consider every poor and rich citizen at same level and should change the previous dilemma of the corrupt and fearful policemen since it is a Naya Pakistan so the old tactics should not be followed.

The Prime Minister made it clear for the Law in forces that they are the supreme law administering authorities and they were not given the rights which they deserve before because of the underlying concept of British rule. He addressed the officials well making it clear that after he negotiates with his minister he will increase the salary packages for Islamabad police.

Since it is the historical movement for Pakistan that any prime minister attended a police related ceremony. He was there to attend the passing ceremony of 1200 police man. He was claiming that he wanted to provided to best housing facilities to the up coming as well as previous working officials because these people are basically the make or break organization of a societies when the law administrators will not be worrying about their own house hold they will pay more attention to the outside law situation including domestic and international matters of a country.

PM also appreciated KPK police force and mentioned at first people didn’t pay any respect to their local police but later with the commendable strategies and work force peoples started to value their own law enforces.

Updated: December 23, 2020 — 2:28 pm

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