Prize bond Schedule 2020

Prize bond Schedule 2020 check online from here. You can download draw schedule of prize bond from here as well as check online schedule of prize bond. A Prize Bond is a lottery bond, a non-interest bearing security issued on behalf of the Minister for Finance by the National Saving of Pakistan. The concept of prize bond in Pakistan started in 1960 and since then, it is considered as a gold investment. Approximately in each year more then 70,600 Pakistanis win Rs. 1.6 billion rupees in prize money.

National saving of Pakistan organize the qura andazi of 100, 200, 750, 7500, 1500, 15000 and 25000 rupees prize bond four times in a year. Here draw schedule of prize bond 100,200, 750, 7500, 1500, 15000 and 25000 for the year 2020 is available. Every category of prize bond has different prizes name as first, second and third prize. These prizes are of different amount. Prize bond can change the life of any person. Any one can rich with in span of no time.

Prize bond Schedule 2020

Prize bond Schedule 2020

Bond PriceDraw #Draw Date
15000 Rs.8102 January 2020
750 Rs.8115 January 2020
25000 Rs.3203 February 2020
7500 Rs.8103 February 2020
1500 Rs.8117 February 2020
100 Rs.2917 February 2020
200 Rs.8116 March 2020
15000 Rs.8201 April 2020
750 Rs.8215 April 2020
25000 Rs.3304 May 2020
7500 Rs.8204 May 2020
1500 Rs.8215 May 2020
100 Rs.3015 May 2020
200 Rs.8217 June 2020
15000 Rs.8302 July 2020
750 Rs.8315 July 2020
7500 Rs.8301 August 2020
25000 Rs.3401 August 2020
1500 Rs.8303 August 2020
100 Rs.3103 August 2020
200 Rs.8316 September 2020
15000 Rs.8401 October 2020
750 Rs.8415 October 2020
25000 Rs.3502 November 2020
7500 Rs.8402 November 2020
100 Rs.3215 November 2020
1500 Rs.8416 November 2020
200 Rs.8416 December 2020

Prize bond 200 Result

Prize bond Prizes | prize bond prize list

ListNo of PrizesWinning Amount (Rs)Prizes
Prize Bond RS. 100/-01700,0001st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 100/-03200,0002nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 100/-1,1991,0003rd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 200/-01750,0001st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 200/-05250,0002nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 200/-2,3491,2503rd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 750/-011,500,0001st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 750/-03500,0002nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 750/-16969,3003rd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 1500/-013,000,0001st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 1500/-031,000,0002nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 1500/-169618,5003rd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 7500/-0115,000,0001st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 7500/-035,000,0002nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 7500/-169693,0003rd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 15000/-0130,000,0001st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 15000/-0310,000,0002nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 15000/-1696185,0003rd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 25000/-0150,000,0001st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 25000/-0315,000,0002nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 25000/-1696312,0003rd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 40000/-0175,000,0001st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 40000/-0325,000,0002nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 40000/-1696500,0003rd Prize
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