Quaid-i-Azam’s Birth Anniversary Celebration Today

Quaid e Azam’s day has been celebrated from a very long time which indicates the love of their national hero, the ultimate Muslim fighter who has always stood for the betterment of this country. Jinnah was the one who fought for the independence for this nation and his strong appearance and personality always made him stand out of even a big crowd.

Quaid’s day is celebrated on every 25th of the year and is always made quite clear that he will never be forgotten, and his day will be celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm. His birthday is the most important day of the country therefore national flags are raised in the country and are quite imagined to be his voice being raised.

Government or private colleges will have been really great performances to be held and this day will be given huge importance so that everyone in the world should know the importance of our leader.

Drama’s, skits, plays and other performances will take place to rewind how did he managed to make a beautiful victory in the face of Pakistan. National songs will be played which will inaugurate more importance of this day.

People across the country will visit his tomb especially big leaders which will pray and think of his ideologies to be manifested in the country. PM and President both proclaimed the importance of this day and have requested the young generation to work according to the ideologies and given passionate working styles of our great respected leader.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a great politician and he inaugurated All India Muslim league just to conquer  beautiful separate electorate for the Muslims of India but later he relied that this could make no difference to the following of the nation’s ability and the Muslims of India will be considered really less and will not be the given the actual rights of the country or whatever they deserve.

The PM mentioned that in the modern world of technology there are very less people of the world which has the capability as Quaid had and the whole world remembers him therefore his most important quote that the nation’s youth have to work on themselves should be considered really accurate and they should now  the responsibility and should work in accordance with the high authorities to make Pakistan the most flourishes country in the whole world.

Updated: December 25, 2020 — 10:36 am

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