Sheikh Rashid is like Brothers, Hareem Shah

Controversial Tik Tak star Hareem Shah has called Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid his brother and advised him to get married.During a press conference in Karachi, journalists asked Hareem Shah what would happen if Sheikh Rashid offered him marriage. On this, Hareem Shah explained that Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid is like his brothers.

Hareem Shah advised Sheikh Rashid that he should get married now.When Hareem Shah suggested marriage to Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid, the hall burst into laughter and Hareem Shah himself started smiling.

On the other hand, in response to a question during the press conference, Hareem Shah said that whether one’s videos go viral or not is everyone’s personal issue. During the press conference, Hareem Shah mainly talked about developing a real estate project in Karachi that would provide affordable housing to the people.

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