Should Pakistan increase Minimum Wage

Pakistan is a very strong armed and a nuclear power holder country.It has great emergence in the world and in every other field it is making its way out-casting itself, however for a country like this still a great number of fresh or matured graduates are either not working or either are working on a very low scales of payment.

The previous and the new governments have only promised a completely higher level of employment rate however this has been the least focus of both the officials. The recent evaluations have prevailed that the actual demand of the country people includes good wage packages, health facilities, food management and educational factors which in the end maintain high financial stabilities around the country.

The minimum wage two years back of Pakistan was 15000 however even after 2 years it is still 17000 per month which is absolutely less in terms of managing the very mild expenses of a general household.Pakistan needs to understand the very basic rule of providing eye catchy and sustained monthly income for a very basic household will in return increase the countries outcomes in terms of economics and financing the countries national interests. Planning should have been done later however the attempts to improve the wages should be taken soon.

In rural areas, unskilled workers earn less than the minimum wage. They are unlikely to be a center of investment in developed / developing countries due to cheap labor (close to the poverty line). This is something to think about. If the top graduates of LMMS, IBA and Aga Khan will stay in Pakistan, why the salaries of the graduates are much less than other markets.

However, the competition between lucrative industries, corporations, manufacturers and service providers will not end every year. Of course, tenants will never be happy.

Updated: December 21, 2020 — 1:09 pm

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