Today Gold Price In Pakistan 31st December 2020

Check all the details about Today Gold Price In Pakistan 31st December 2020 from here. Check 1 tota 10 gram & 1 gram rate from here. Karachi being the most important city of  Pakistan maintains the cost and management of Gold and that is why the rates of gold in across all over the country are the same. For 30th December the rate given for 24k gold was per tola as 113100 but today on 31st December it has increased 600 PKR and has became 113700 per tola, for 24k gold 10 gram the rate was 97000 but for today the increase of 500 and the sustaining price becomes 97500,similarly for 24k gold the rate of per gram was 9700 till yesterday however the new rate has become 9750 with an increment of 50 pkr.

The rate for 22k per tola is again changed from yesterday and has become 104224 and for 21k i.e 99488 similarly for 18k becomes 85275. The cost of 22k gold per 10 grams in this way for 31st December becomes 89374, and per gram  is 8937.Hence the price range of 21k gold for 10 grams is fluctuated and now became 85313 and further for per gram is 8531 pkr.At last the rate for per 10 gram of 18k gold becomes 73125 and for per grams is 7313 pkr. All these rates are followed by the whole country till date.

Today Gold Price In Pakistan 31st December 2020

Gold Rate 24K Gold 22K Gold 21K Gold 18K Gold
per Tola Gold Rs. 113700 Rs. 104224 Rs. 99488 Rs. 85275
per 10 Gram Rs. 97500 Rs. 89374 Rs. 85313 Rs. 73125
per Gram Gold Rs. 9750 Rs. 8937 Rs. 8531 Rs. 7313

Updated: December 31, 2020 — 8:17 am

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