What is Mahra Khan doing in Quarantine ?

While fans of Pakistan showbiz industry’s popular actress Mahira Khan, who is suffering from corona virus, are waiting for her speedy recovery, superstar Mahira Khan has also expressed her love to all her fans during her illness.

To inform fans about spending time during quarantine and to pay homage to Madam Noor Jahan on her 20th birthday, Mahira Khan shared a video on the popular photo sharing app Instagram yesterday.

In the video, the actress can be seen enjoying the beautiful view of the sunset and the stars shining in the sky on the roof of the house.

In the caption of the video post on Instagram, Mahira Khan wrote that I listened to old songs during quarantine, read a lot and wrote a lot, watch some amazing movies, smile and cry thinking about life, He lit candles every night.

The actress further wrote that during this time I remembered my childhood more than ever, I remembered the people I love immensely, I was very thankful to Allah Almighty in these painful moments who gave me Gave life and what I am living today.

Superstar Mahira Khan wrote in tribute to Queen Tarun Madam Noor Jahan, “I am sitting on the roof here and looking at this beautiful sky, I am listening to Madam Noor Jahan’s most popular song ‘Chandni Raatin’.”The actress added, “When we are forgotten, we really die, but Madam Noor Jahan has always been with us and will always be.”

Updated: December 25, 2020 — 1:52 pm

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