1st January Petrol Price in Pakistan 2024

1st January petrol price in Pakistan 2024 latest update is here. It is expected the rate of petrol will be reduced on 1st January 2024. It is also expected that the rate of petrol may be increased from the current price.

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What will be the new petrol price in Pakistan on January 1st 2024?

As the clock strikes midnight and we welcome 2024, many Pakistanis have their eyes on another number: the price of petrol on January 1. Will the new year bring relief from the skyrocketing fuel prices that have burdened their wallets? Here are the latest estimates and what they mean for drivers across the country.

Trending Headlines:

Will there be a New Year shortage in petrol? Pakistanis are waiting for the price announcement on January 1st.

Relief at the pump or more pain in the pelvis? Analysis of Petrol Price Trends in Pakistan

Oil market changes and economic worries: What to expect from petrol prices in 2024?

Current landscape:

As of December 31, 2023, petrol retails at Rs 267.34 per litre, while diesel is Rs 2 per litre. 276.21. Recent volatility in the international oil market has thrown a curveball at forecasts.

Expected scenarios:

Minor decline: Some experts expect a modest Rs. Petrol and kerosene prices have been reduced by one rupee per liter due to a slight drop in crude oil prices in the global market. However, this will not provide any significant relief to consumers.

Price hike: With inflation concerns on the rise, the government is also likely to maintain the current prices of petrol and diesel to avoid further burdening the struggling economy.

Diesel hike on cards: High speed diesel and light diesel oil prices may increase by up to Rs 2. 2 per liter increase, balancing the expected petrol shortage.

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