Air University Islamabad Admission Test Fall 2023 NTS Result 8 September 2023

The Air University admission process for Spring 2023 has garnered significant attention, with the admission advertisement having been published on 10th August 2023. Prospective students keen on securing a place in this prestigious institution eagerly submitted their applications, as the deadline for application submission was set for 25th August 2023. This article will guide you through the application process and how to check your results for Air University Admission Spring 2023.

Application Deadline and Procedures

The first step towards becoming a part of Air University’s Spring 2023 intake was to meet the application deadline, which was on 25th August 2023. Aspiring candidates needed to ensure that their applications reached the university’s admission office by this crucial date.

Checking Your Results

Once the application deadline had passed, the anticipation shifted to the release of the test results. The admission process for MS, Ph.D., and U/G Programs (CBT) at Air University involves two distinct methods for checking test results:

1. Roll Number Method

  • In this method, candidates can check their results using their assigned roll numbers.
  • This process is straightforward and requires entering the provided roll number in the designated field.
  • After inputting the roll number, candidates click on the search icon to view their results.

2. ID Card Number Method

  • Alternatively, candidates can use their ID card numbers to access their test results.
  • To do this, candidates should enter their ID card number as their password.
  • Following the ID card number, candidates should input the last seven digits of their mobile phone number.
  • Clicking the search icon will then display the test results.

It’s worth noting that Air University ensures the security and privacy of candidate information during the result checking process. The use of ID card numbers and mobile phone numbers as authentication methods adds an extra layer of protection.

Air University Islamabad Admission Test Fall 2023 NTS Result 8 September 2023

Test Date
Friday 08th September, 2023
Program Name
MS & PhD Programs
U/G Programs (CBT)
Click Here


Air University’s admission process for Spring 2023 provides equal opportunities for all candidates to check their test results conveniently. Whether you prefer using your roll number or ID card number, the process is user-friendly and ensures that every applicant has access to their results in a secure and efficient manner. As the university continues to uphold its commitment to excellence, prospective students can look forward to joining a vibrant academic community that values transparency and fairness in its admission procedures.

Air University Islamabad Admission Test Fall 2023 NTS Result 8 September 2023

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