Army Public School and College Hajira Jobs 2023

Check how to apply for Army Public School and College Hajira Jobs 2023 from here. APS Hajira cordially welcomes eligible candidates to submit their curriculum vitae for the present job openings. The updates provided in this communication were sourced from the Daily Ausaf Newspaper.


APS Hajira Jobs is being introduced in the town of Hajira, located in the Poonch District. Individuals seeking employment possibilities in Poonch are encouraged to access and review this post in order to submit their applications.

The employment opportunities for Physics Teachers and Computer Teachers at APS Poonch have been officially declared, targeting individuals with expertise in teaching at the senior/college level. Applicants possessing Bachelor of Science (BS), Master of Science (MSc), Master of Science (MS), and Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) degrees in Education, together with a minimum of 3 to 5 years of teaching experience, are invited to submit their curriculum vitae for job consideration.

Required Education

Candidates who possess the necessary qualifications and experience are invited to submit their curriculum vitae (CVs) to the administrative office of Sher Khan Shaheed APS & College Hajira, Poonch.

Last Date To Apply

The submission deadline for CVs is August 25th, 2023.

Benefits of Joining Army Public School and College Hajira

Enrolling in Army Public School and College Hajira offers a multitude of advantages that surpass mere employment opportunities. As an individual working in the field of education, you will be presented with various prospects and possibilities, including:

Make a Contribution to Education: Join an esteemed institution committed to molding the intellects of upcoming cohorts and effecting a beneficial influence on the broader community.
Professional Development: Participate in a dynamic setting that fosters ongoing learning, research, and individual growth.
Collaborative Environment: Engage in professional collaboration and innovation by working alongside accomplished colleagues and experts from diverse industries.

Required Documents and Application Process

The documents that are necessary for submission and the process for applying

In order to submit an application for the available posts at Army Public School and College Hajira, prospective candidates are required to compile the subsequent documents:

Curriculum Vitae (CV): A comprehensive document that provides an in-depth overview of an individual’s educational history, professional experience, and noteworthy accomplishments.
Academic Credentials: Duplicates of your academic degrees and certificates, encompassing your doctoral qualification.
Experience Certificates: Experience Certificates are official documents that serve as evidence of an individual’s two-year tenure in a relevant professional position.
Cover Letter: A meticulously crafted cover letter that articulates your enthusiasm for the position and showcases your relevant qualifications.
Contact Information: It is imperative to furnish precise contact details to facilitate seamless communication.

Army Public School and College Hajira Jobs 2023

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