Chahat Fateh Ali Khan Election 2024 Nomination Papers Rejected

Fans of Chahat Fateh Ali Khan have bad news: his nomination papers for the general elections of 2024 have been rejected by the Election Commission of Pakistan. It was planned that Chahat Fateh Ali Khan would run in the NA-128 elections. However, because of his dual nationality, the ECP rejected his nomination papers.

Nomination papers for the National Assembly seat NA-128 were submitted for the Chahat Fateh Ali Khan Election of 2024. Chahat Fateh Ali has now stated that he will confer with attorneys to determine the course of action. In addition, he declared that he will create a new political party in order to better serve Pakistan. Recall that Chahat Fateh Ali Khan is a dual citizen of the United Kingdom and Pakistan.

On December 30, 2023, ECP rejected Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s nomination papers. Chahat Fateh Ali Khan is entitled to challenge this ruling before the Election Tribunal. Chahat Fateh Ali Khan Election 2024 Nomination Papers Rejected by the ecp.

Lahore, Pakistan (December 31, 2023) – In a dramatic turn of events, the electoral ambitions of popular singer and social media personality Chahat Fateh Ali Khan have hit a major hurdle. His nomination papers for the upcoming 2024 National Assembly elections have been rejected, throwing his political debut into disarray.

Khan, known for his energetic performances and quirky social media presence, had announced his candidacy from NA-128 Lahore constituency earlier this year. The unexpected move generated significant buzz, with many wondering how the charismatic singer would fare in the political arena.

However, Khan’s journey towards parliament seems to have been cut short. Reports suggest that his nomination papers were rejected due to technical discrepancies, leaving him ineligible to contest the elections. The specifics of the discrepancies remain unclear, with Khan himself yet to issue a statement on the matter.

This development has sparked heated debate on social media, with fans expressing disappointment and questioning the validity of the rejection. Hashtags like #ChahatForNA128 and #JusticeForChahat are trending in Pakistan, highlighting the public’s interest in the singer’s political aspirations.

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