Ehsaas Nai Zindagi Program Upto 10 Lakhs Amdad

Programmes and policies for social protection have been deemed crucial for combating poverty. The goal of social protection is to improve the vulnerable and underprivileged population’s capacity to manage risks on the social and economic fronts.

As a result, the Punjab Social Protection Authority has started the Ehsaas Nai Zindafi Programme within the Punjab Ehsan Programme for those who have been the victims of acid assaults.

Ehsaas Nai Zindagi Program Online Registration

Through psychological counselling, this programme aims to integrate acid attack victims into society and help them integrate into mainstream society. PSPA is a remarkable career that works closely with the Department of Medical Education to offer treatment services at a reasonable rate.

The availability of rehabilitation programmes can lessen the effects of loss, enhance health and quality of life, and decrease the need for medical services.

In order to enable these victims to remain in their homes as much as possible, restoration plays a crucial role. Additionally, communities can empower acid attack victims through institutional arrangements in a variety of sectors. To bring the mainstream, conditions might be a crucial step.

Purpose Of Nai Zindagi Program

  • Acid attack victims are receiving medical and psychological care.
  • Defend the social rights of those who were harmed by society’s acid attack.
  • Allowing victims to live honourable, socially active lives will help reduce their social emissions.
  • For acid attack victims, job opportunities and skill development create revenue through free loans for self-employment.
  • The government pays for the full restoration of the acid-throwing victims through this programme, which includes free loans for subsistence and skin transplant procedures.

Eligibility Criteria

The Feeling a New Life programme was not created for all Punjabis. They can profit from this programme and it can only include acid attacks. This programme was created for their recent and fresh start in life.

How To Register in Punjab Ehsaas Nai Zindagi Program

For those who have suffered acid assaults, this programme is created. Their psychological issues are also resolved, and the programme provides free treatment. To enrol in the programme, you need your personal national ID card number. It ought to be, and the crash FIR ought to be available. You are unaware that this programme allows you to visit a hospital in real life and receive treatment.

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