Fans once again set fire to Hajra Yameen’s bold photo shoot


Pakistani actress Hajra Yameen, who entered the drama industry a few years ago, has been acclaimed for her artistic talents from the very beginning. ۔

Modern and bold actress Hajra Yameen keeps sharing her latest photos with her fans on social media platforms.

Actress Hajra Yameen’s recent bold photo shoot is going viral on social media and fans are very angry with her.

Photo courtesy of Social Media

The actress is seen in a black coat with a short black dress.

Commenting on the photos of the actress, a user said that the poor girl goes to the roof and makes a fuss, Corona is sorry, not Allah.

Screen grab

Commenting on the photo shoot of the actress, another user said that this poor woman never has money to buy trousers.

One user said that you broke my heart by wearing such clothes.

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It should be noted that even before this, the actress has been severely criticized for taking pictures of her in a short dress going viral.

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