Free Solar Panel Systems in Easy Monthly Installments

Meezan Bank has started providing rewards to its clients in accordance with Islamic law. With affordable rates and pay-as-you-go programs, their solar panel financing program guarantees access to sustainable energy. Electricity costs associated with the installation will be cut in half. Furthermore, as this technology complies with Shariah, you can install solar panels devoid of interest packs.

Solar-powered homeowners are ideal for generating their own electricity. Additionally, extra energy produced through net metering is sold back to the national electrical grid, which contributes to a clean environment.

With Balance Bank, your simple payment projects are competitive, and their solar panel gives you a less expensive and more convenient option to invest in green energy. You will have access to professional advice to support you in this process and with pricing.

Required Documents

  • Property ownership proof
  • Current electricity bill
  • Properly filled application form
  • Copy of valid CNIC
  • Photographs (1)
  • Signature verification form

How To Apply

  • You must visit the nearby Balance Bank office to submit your request, and you can also receive all the details by phoning the bank helpline.
  • Ask Solarjee Partner with Mizan Bank for a quote.
  • Send a copy of the application signed by the CNIC and a copy of the specialized electricity bill.
  • You will receive a form; you can also obtain it from the bank or download it online.
  • You must deliver the completed form to the closest balance Bank branch after filling it out.


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