Govt Jobs Karachi 2022 At Petroleum Industry

Download new recruitment notification for Govt Jobs Karachi 2022 At Petroleum Industry from here. Here applying details available. The Express newspaper published a job advertisement for the Petroleum Refining Unit Karachi. The Petroleum Industry’s headquarters were in Islamabad, Punjab Province. Project Manager, Contract Manager, Treasury Manager, Chief Internal Audit, Technical Manager, Commercial Manager, Finance Lead, Administration Lead, and Procurement Executive are the job titles.

These job opportunities are open to qualified and experienced professionals with MBA, Masters Degree, BE, and MS qualifications from across Pakistan. Candidates must read through the job description to ensure that they understand all of the requirements and terms and conditions. These positions have a maximum age of 45 years.

Govt Jobs Karachi 2022 At Petroleum Industry

Qualification:Bachelor, BE, Master, MBA, MS
Valid Through:October 12, 2022
Total Seats:Multiple
Company:Private Company
Address:Petroleum Refining Unit, Karachi

Vacant Positions:

  • Administration Lead
  • Chief Internal Audit
  • Commercial Manager
  • Contract Manager
  • Finance Lead
  • Procurement Executive
  • Project Manager
  • Technical Manager
  • Treasury Manager

آپ کو اپلائی کرنے میں اگر کسی قسم کی مشکل پیش آ رہی تو کیمنٹ میں پتا دیں  آپ جو انفارمیشن حاصل کرنا چاہتے ہیں وہ کیمنٹ میں لکھ دیں آپ کو جواب آپ کے ای میل / کیمنٹ میں مل جائے گا

Govt Jobs Karachi 2022 At Petroleum Industry

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