Hareem Shah claims leaking Rana Sanaullah alleged video

Hareem Shah claims leaking Rana Sanaullah alleged video

Alleged footage of Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has been leaked, according to Hareem Shah, a woman well known for her contentious behavior and remarks. Shah cryptically stated on Twitter on May 31 that “A clip of Rana Sanaullah is out.”

It’s significant to note that Hareem Shah skillfully avoided publishing the supposed clip from her own Twitter handle because she is aware of social media restrictions. Instead, anonymous online users spread the footage, and a screenshot from the video—which showed a man lying on a bed—emerged.

The famous PML-N leader’s likeness was clearly seen in the screenshot, but the image was obscured by a stretched emoji, creating the appearance that someone was standing on top of the person lying beneath.

Despite the fact that Hareem Shah quickly erased all of her tweets about the purported video, onlookers quickly took screenshots of her Tweets. Some people criticized the social media sensation for her prior record of making threats against well-known people and disclosing their personal information. Others perceived her activities as a cunning attempt to damage others’ reputations in order to maintain her spotlight-stealing status.

It is important to note that this current incident occurred just a few weeks after Hareem Shah warned Rana Sanaullah to reopen the internet, which had been blocked after protests on May 9.

No government representative or Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has yet commented on the claimed video.

It is crucial to recognize that Hareem Shah has developed a reputation as a troublemaker due to her history of leaking videos involving her former friends. She blamed her former pals, who she had previously lived with, after becoming the victim of a video leak.

The activities of Hareem Shah continue to spark intense discussion and conjecture. The general public is eagerly awaiting any formal answer from the parties in question. Keep checking back for more information as this story develops.

Hareem Shah claims leaking Rana Sanaullah alleged video

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