High CPC Keywords In USA

Friends, you are aware that the greatest and simplest way to make money is through a blog that uses Google AdSense. With AdSense, you may make millions of rupees. In order to help you boost the revenue from your site, I am releasing all the information about a list of high CPC Adsense keywords as well as which country receives the highest CPC through this blog.

It’s difficult to find high CPC keywords for your site. This post includes a list of High CPC Adsense Keywords that will increase your blog and website’s earnings by 100%. You can find a complete list of keywords with high CPC rates in this list.

One of the best CPC networks for making money online is Google Adsense. Use these keywords in your blog entries to maximize your Adsense earnings. You can genuinely raise your AdSense CPC by using these keywords (Cost Per Clic).

High CPC Keywords In USA 2023

KeywordSearch VolumeCPC
Insurance100K – 1M$43
Lawyer100K – 1M$41
Mortgage100K – 1M$24
Attorney100K – 1M$18
Donate100K – 1M$16
Conference call10K – 100K$21
Degree100K – 1M$21
Credit100K – 1M$20
Electricity100K – 1M$13
SEO100K – 1M$11

What Is CPC? Or CPC Keywords

CPC, or cost per click, is the abbreviation for this phrase. This is the payment you receive from the advertiser when you click on an advertisement that is displayed on your website. CPC varies by country and by type of advertisement.

What Are High CPC Keywords?

You need to conduct thorough keyword research if you want to make a decent quantity of money. When you focus on keywords with high CPC, you’ll receive more clicks and generate more revenue. It’s challenging to rank for these high CPC phrases, though.

  • Finding keywords with less competition will help you make good money with these High CPC keywords.
  • SEMRush makes this simple to do.
  • To generate good cash, use or build your website based on the most expensive and highest CPC-paying AdSense keywords.

High CPC SEO Keywords List 2023: High CPC Keyword

  • Dental seo company $ 149.33
  • Seo reputation management $ 97.36
  • Seo copywriting services $ 97.16
  • International seo services $ 97.13
  • International seo agency $ 95.03
  • Seo for plumbers $ 88.26
  • Seo marketing experts $ 76.92
  • Seo for ecommerce website $ 75.93
  • B2b seo services $ 72.15

Highest CPC Paying Insurance Keywords List 2023 :

Auto insurance quotes$ 103.05
Workers compensation insurance$ 103.02
Car insurance quotes$ 97.61
Compare car insurance online$ 93.57
Buy car insurance online$ 89.65
Auto insurance$ 86.77
Commercial auto insurance$ 84.74
Small business insurance$ 82.63
Professional indemnity$ 80.54
General liability insurance$ 77.06
e&o insurance$ 76.07
Business insurance$ 75.26
Car insurance$ 75.20
Insurance quotes$ 73.91

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