How to Get Highest Marks in FSc | Full Detail

There are a lot of Intermediate (FSc) students who want to secure high marks/excellent marks. That’s why the question of how to obtain High marks in FSc, makes them worry many times. So, now you don’t need to worry. Here we will tell you about basic tips/ways to obtain your estimated marks with great ease. So, read the complete article for all details. However, before moving forward towards the topic, we will provide you with brief instructions on FSc.

FSc (Faculty of Science) is an intermediate-level degree, and those students who passed matric with science subjects take admissions for it. There are two branches of FSc, one is Pre-Engineering, and the other is Pre-Medical. The main differences between the two branches are the subjects. In Pre-Medical, the major subject is Biology, while for pre-engineering, the major subject is mathematics. The remaining two subjects that the students of both branches have to read are chemistry and physics.

So, that was the brief introduction of FSc. Now, we will discuss the different topics to get excellent marks in FSc. Below, you will also get some information from where you can get the 1st-Year and 2nd-year Notes for free.

Time Table

To maintain a proper timetable and follow it properly is very important for any exam. Having a proper timetable means making a proper schedule for your studies and other activities. Make such a schedule through which you can cover all of your subjects without any difficulty or burden. If you feel a subject is difficult, give it more time than that subject that you feel easy or understand easily. At the same time, choose that timing for the difficult subject when you are relaxed so that you can understand it more accurately.

On the other hand, only making a good schedule is not enough. You have to follow it properly. Only making the timetable can’t help you in your aim.

Clearing Concepts

In FSc, understanding the concept is very important. Rote Learning is not the key to achieving high marks. So, clearing the concept is one of the fundamental steps. To clear the concept of a science subject, you have to attend all of your classes, listen to your teacher carefully. Ask the question that bothers you. Also, see other articles, notes, etc., to learn something extra. There are various websites that provide comprehensive and great notes of 1st year and 2nd year.

Most of the time, students find the 11th class maths notes a difficult subject because it is full of Calculations, concepts and lots of chapters. But understanding the concept with some valuable notes will make it easy for you.

Best Quality Notes

Having the best notes of the FSc subject is an additional point in achieving marks. High-quality notes provide complete information to the students about the topic, its concepts, and other related material. However, there are some students who make their notes by listening to the lecturers. Sometimes, professors/teachers provide the notes to the students, etc. here we will tell you a website,, through which you can get all the latest notes for 1st year and 2nd year.

Besides these, there are other ways such as revision, practice, good memorization with the concept, etc., that also play a vital role in obtaining excellent marks.

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