Inflation Reigned Supreme Throughout 2020 Year, According To Bureau of Statistics

The entire year of 2020 was marked by inflation and the biggest increase was in food items.Geo News has obtained the report of the government statistics agency submitted to the federal government, according to which the biggest increase was in the daily food items, the most expensive of which was mutton, the price of which increased by Rs 98 when Beef became expensive by Rs 43.89 per kg.

According to the official document, eggs became more expensive by Rs 76 per dozen, chicken by Rs 60 per kg and sugar by Rs 30 per kg.According to official sources, the increase in sugar prices in 2020 has placed an additional burden of Rs 65 billion on the people.According to the document, ghee became expensive by Rs 32 per kg, a 20 kg bag of flour by more than Rs 130, milk by Rs 11 and a half per liter, while from January to December 2020, potatoes became expensive by Rs 4, 22 paise, yogurt by Rs 13 and a half and rice by Rs 7 per kg.

According to the document, the prices of pulses continued to rise throughout the year in which dal mash became more expensive by Rs 31.50 per kg, dal masoor by Rs 11.64 and dal mung by Rs 6.5 per kg.According to the document, garlic became Rs 10 per kg and bananas Rs 3 a dozen more expensive, while tomatoes became more expensive at the beginning of the year and Rs 95 per kg at the end.Besides, onion became cheaper by Rs 16, garlic by Rs 35 and dal by Rs 7 per kg, while a domestic LPG cylinder became cheaper by Rs 450.

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