KP is in Final Pakistan Cup after super over drama

KARACHI: The winners of the second semi-final of the Pakistan Cup at the SBP Sports Complex on Saturday finally faced a super over to separate the winners as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa overcame the passionate challenge of the Northern to reach the third final of the season. Qualified for

Both teams scored 303 runs in their respective innings to level the match but the Northern T20 Cup champions Khyber Pakhtunkhwa did not compete. The two, who also played in the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy final against Central Punjab earlier this year, made a joint announcement. CHAMPIONS – Since he managed just two runs and lost both wickets in an over eliminator when former Pakistan batsman Abdul Razzaq made 16 runs.

Former Test fast bowler Imran Khan helped his team advance in the final by dismissing youngsters Haider Ali and Rohail Nazir in consecutive deliveries.

On Sunday, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will face Central Punjab for the second home final. Central Punjab made the title decisive after defeating Sindh by 127 runs in the first semi-final on Friday at the same venue.

In the pursuit of runs, Sahibzada Farhan remained a star for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, as Pakistan scored 132 off 144 balls and 132 off a six. Musaddiq Ahmed scored 62 off 50 balls with the help of eight fours and three sixes, while Man of the Match scored 127 for the first wicket partnership of Farhan.

But Northern stopped the fight with wickets at key points and before Asif Afridi overtook fast bowler Waqas Ahmed from mid-wicket when he needed eight off two balls, and then he equalized. Made a run to do.

Early in the morning, Naderan opted to bat in a shifting strategy that was heavily employed during the league stage when the captains who won the toss often bowled.

North made steady progress before crossing the 300-point mark. Hamad Azam pushed the new chief selector with the help of the captain’s 94-run innings until he tried to risk the second run but he hit seven fours and four sixes in the 63-run innings. Later found tragically.

The other key players for Northern were Haider (65 off 60 balls, 65 off three fours and two sixes) and Rohail (65, 57 off four fours and a six).



Timur Sultan C. Khalid B. Asif 5

Haider Ali C. Iftikhar B. Khalid 65

Naveed Malik B Imran Khan 16

Omar Amin C Mosaddeq B Iftikhar 24

Rohail Nazir B. Wasim 57

Hamad Azam was dismissed for 94 runs

Nasir Nawaz B. Waseem

Mubashir Khan B. Asif 7

Athar Mahmood Not A 15 T 15

Waqas Ahmed 11 not out

Extras (LB5, W5) 10

Total (eight wickets, for 50 overs) 303

Fall of WKTS: 1-23, 2-52, 3-103, 4-127, 5-216, 6-220, 7-235, 8-292.

Dad BAT: Salman Irshad.

Bowling: Imran Khan 9-0-48-1 (1 and) Mohammad Imran 5-0-60-0 (3) Asif Afridi 10-0-56-2 Khalid Osman 10-0-57-1 Iftikhar Ahmad 9-1-40-1 محمد وسیم

7-0-37-2 (1 and)

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa:

Sahibzada Farhan C. Rohail B. Athar 132

Musaddiq Ahmed LBWB Hamad 62

Aamir Azmat was dismissed for 1 run

Iftikhar Ahmad C. Subb Mubashir 19

Adil Amin C. Hamad B. Waqas 25

Muhammad Haris was dismissed for 7 runs

Khalid Usman B. Athar 7

Muhammad Waseem scored 18 not out

Asif Afridi was not out for 14 runs

Extras (LB16, W-2, NB-2) 20


Fall of WKTS: 1-127, 2-131, 3-168, 4-210, 5-237, 6-266, 7-271.

Dot.bat: Muhammad Imran, Imran Khan.

Bowling: Athar Mahmood 10-1-58-2 (1W); Waqas Ahmad 9-0-65-1 (2nb) Salman Irshad 10-0-68-0 Nasir Nawaz 9-1-50-0 Hamad Azam 7-0-19-1 (1 and) Mubashir Khan 5-0-27-1.

Result: Match Equal; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa beat North 2-2 in an over eliminator.

Umpires: Imran Javed and Zameer Haider.

TV Umpire: Waleed Yaqub.

Match Referee: Nadeem Arshad.

Official Score: Syed Obaid Ahmed.

Match of the Match: Sahibzada Farhan.

Sunday fixtures: final. Central Punjab vs Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (SBP Sports Complex, 9:30 a.m. PST)

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