Latest KPK Govt Jobs Today At Peshawar Electric Supply Company PESCO

Are you looking for an interesting way to help Pakistan’s energy industry? Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) is looking for qualified and skilled people to fill different management roles. This article has all the important information about the current government jobs in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Don’t pass up this chance to join PESCO’s prestigious team if you have the right schooling and experience. Read on to learn more about the positions that are open, the qualifications that are preferred, and how to apply for these amazing chances.

Available Management Posts at PESCO

Peshawar Electric Supply Company is looking for enthusiastic professionals to fill management roles. According to a job listing in the Express Newspaper on August 9, 2023, the following positions are available:

  1. Assistant Manager Occupational Health Safety Specialist
  2. Gender Specialist and Manager Environmental Social Safeguard

Qualifications and Education Requirements

To be eligible for management jobs at PESCO, candidates should have the following education requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant fields
  • Master’s degree in relevant disciplines
  • MA or degree in related areas
  • B.E or B.S degree in engineering fields

The preferred education requirements make sure that the candidates have a strong academic background that will help them do well in their jobs.

Take the chance to apply for the latest government jobs in Peshawar if you have the right schooling and work experience. The deadline to send in an application is around August 19, 2023, or as stated in the newspaper ad. To apply, do these things:

  1. Visit the PESCO website or the government’s site for finding jobs.
  2. Find the right job posting for the management role you want.
  3. Download the application form, then fill it out correctly.
  4. Include all the papers you need, like your diploma and letters of recommendation.
  5. Send in the application before the deadline listed in the announcement.

Make sure to read the entire ad online to fully understand how to apply.

Benefits of Working at PESCO

There are many advantages to working at Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO), such as:

Professional Growth: PESCO gives its workers a place to work where they can improve their skills and grow as professionals.
Competitive Salary Packages: To get the best people to work for them, the company offers fair pay packages.
Job Stability: PESCO is a government organization, so jobs there are stable and safe.
Opportunity to Serve the Nation: Employees serve the country in a big way when they work in the energy industry.


Q: Can I apply for multiple management positions at PESCO?

Yes, applicants who meet the education and experience requirements for each job can apply for more than one.

Q: Is there any age limit for applying to these management posts?

Yes, PESCO might have age requirements for some jobs. Check the job posting to see if there are any age limits.

Q: How will I know if my application is successful?

PESCO will call or email the people who have made the shortlist for further evaluation.

No, the jobs aren’t permanent. If you do a great job, though, you might get another chance.

Q: Can I apply for these positions if I have less than 2 years of experience?

A: Unfortunately, you can only apply if you have at least 2 years of experience in the field.

Latest KPK Govt Jobs Today At Peshawar Electric Supply Company PESCO

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