LESCO Loadshedding schedule today Lahore 26 June 2023

The load-shedding plan, issued by the Ministry of Power Division, is being implemented by the Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) for three to four hours on feeders with significant losses and two hours on feeders with low losses and no power theft.

At a news conference conducted on Sunday at the South Circle headquarters on Ghazi Road, LESCO Board of Directors (BoD) Chairman Hafiz Mian Muhammad Nauman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Engineer Shahid Haider of the company provided confirmation of this to the media. He continued by saying that LESCO was putting all feasible measures in place to ensure that its customers received an uninterrupted power supply and that some 700 queue staff members were working in the field to address consumer issues.

The corporation had formed 175 teams, comprising construction workers, and these teams were present in the field to ensure prompt redress of complaints. According to him, the stoppage brought on by current construction in the LESCO region has also been promptly stopped. In response to a query, Hafiz Nauman stated that the LESCO’s energy needs were 4000 megawatts last year, but they are currently 6000 megawatts. He replied to a question by saying that there was no scarcity of supplies in the LESCO because transformers, metres, cables, and other equipment were readily available in adequate numbers in the business’s stores.

In response to another query, he stated that the recent heatwave had caused an increase in reports of tripped and damaged transformers in the LESCO region; however, the field staff teams responded quickly and replaced 200 defective transformers in five hours, many of which were brand-new transformers.

He told the media that private housing schemes were the source of the majority of complaints made to LESCO and that LESCO had no responsibility for delivering the necessary materials in the event of a power outage in the specific housing society.

The inefficiency of the private schemes prevented material from being delivered, he continued, but LESCO put tram transformers in a number of private housing societies and also supplied material to address consumer issues.

In order to ensure that LESCO customers do not have any issues and can enjoy their Eid, LESCO BoD Chairman promised that power load management would be improved on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha.


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