NADRA introduces ‘Ijazat Aap Ki’ service

With the groundbreaking NADRA Ijazat Aap Ki service, which places citizens in control of their personal data, NADRA is able to further secure the privacy of citizens’ data. Citizens will be able to use this service to provide their approval prior to the CNIC being verified, ensuring that their private information is always secure and protected.

NADRA ensures the privacy of citizens’ data by implementing strong security precautions. The authority has now taken an unusual step by granting citizens actual ownership of their property and limiting unauthorized access. The development of a multi-layered control mechanism demonstrates NADRA’s commitment to moving ID management from conventional security measures to a digital consent regime.

Upon the service’s introduction, NADRA Chairman Tariq Malik stated that consent management is a digital method consistent with his objective to safeguard the privacy of citizens and improve data security. Citizens are now empowered to manage access and guard against abuse or unauthorized use since “your data is your personal property, just like your physical property”

Data is being utilized to empower folks and grant ownership rights to their own data as we transition from a world where it is used against people to one that is digital. Citizen’s data is a priceless treasure that NADRA fiercely defends and is not for sale. From this point forward, consumers’ informed consent will be needed before a product or service provider can utilize their personal data, according to Malik.

Beginning on Thursday (yesterday), all verification transactions will call for a 6-digit passcode that will be issued to the citizen’s registered mobile number in order to obtain their permission to proceed with data sharing. The citizen’s consent to have the NADRA verify his or her ID number will be regarded to have been given when the pin number is supplied for authentication.

At the moment of ID card registration, Nadra obtains citizens’ mobile numbers. The administration has also made available an SMS service (8009) that allows people to register their mobile numbers. People can register their cellphone number with NADRA by sending a text message to the shortcode 8009 which contains the 13-digit ID card number. NADRA will then reply with a confirmation message to let you know if your enrollment was successful.

Malik emphasized the importance of citizens maintaining vigilance in preserving personal information and exhorted them to take all necessary procedures to avoid fraud and identity theft.

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