Online Renewal of Passport E-Service Portal

Pakistani nationals now have access to a new service for online passport renewal through the Directorate General Immigration and Passports, according to the Interior Minister. All Pakistani citizens are now eligible to use the facility for online passport renewal, according to a recent notification. Nationals can use the E-service portal to renew their passports from home.

Step 2 was started by the Prime Minister of Pakistan to assist Pakistanis living abroad and Pakistani citizens. They can travel from home to this facility in a short amount of time. To complete the form, all they need is a smartphone and a few minimal prerequisites.

It is among the Prime Minister of Pakistan’s top efforts. Through this service, the applicant can use that credit card or debit card to pay the passport renewal fee online. Only on the website can they register or log in. They only need to provide some basic information and the required documentation to receive their new passport.

Prior to now, applicants had some challenges getting their passports renewed. The candidates are anxious due to the documentation requirements and lengthy wait times. With the online renewal facility, they are now more comfortable. There is no requirement to personally visit the office.

Complete the Procedure for The Renewal of Passport

After doing these actions, all citizens of Pakistan can renew their passports.

  • They must register in the beginning.
  • They are able to create a passport renewal application.
  • The application must include the passport holder’s true, complete information.
  • After registering, the applicant can use a credit card or debit card to pay the passport renewal charge.
  • The applicant’s permanent address must be included in the basic information.
    Upload required documentation and images.

Required Documents

  1. Digital passport-size picture
  2. CNIC
  3. Old Passport

Online Renewal of Passport E-Service Portal

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