Past Papers Of NTS Part 2

Past papers of NTS MCQS part 2 are given below. These are solved mcqs and answers are given at the end.

37. Shah Waliullah belongs to Silsila?
(a) Naqshbandia (b) Suharwardia (c) Awizia (d) None of these

38. When Al-Halal was published by?
(a) Ali Johar (b) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad (c) Zafar Ali Khan (d) None of these

39. Towards new Pakistan has been written by ?
(a) Zahid Ahmed (b) Munir A. Khan (c) A.Q Khan (d) None of these

40. EU headquarter is in ?
(a) Brussels (b) Vianna (c) London (d) none of these

41. Baghdad pact was signed ?
(a) 1955 (b) 1956 (c) 1957 (d) None of these

42. Which is landlocked Country ?
(a) Iran (b) Mongolia (c) Canada (d) Belguim

43. Water lily is symbol of ?
(a) Canada (b) China (c) Iran (d) India

44. What is Obam’s numebr as president?
(a) 44 (b) 45 (c) 46 (d) 47

45. In which Year OIC 2nd Islamic Summit Conference held?
(a) 1974 (b) 1977 (c) 1979 (d) none of these

46. Panama canal connects two oceans?
(a) Atlantic and Indian (b) Indian and Pacific (c) Indian and Arabic Sea (d) Pacific and Atlantic

47. Equator passes through?
(a) Brazil (b) Canada (c) Kenya (d) None of these

48. Gobi desert is located in ?
(a) China (b) Mongolia (c) Iran (d) South Korea

49. Which is the biggest Agency in FATA ?
(a) North-Waziristan (b) Malakand (c) South- Waziristan (d) None of these

50. Which is the land of Golden Paggoda?
(a) Australia (b) Canada (c) England (d) None of these

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51. What is tornado ?
(a) Strong Snake (b) Africa dog (c) A strong wind (d) none of these

52. What are scavengers?
(a) who look food in rubbish
(b) Atomic scientists
(c) Those who wants revenge
(d) None of above

53. What was the first living creature to travel in space?
(a) a bitch (b) frig (c) eagle (d) cow

54. What does term mantra means?
(a) a word with spiritual power (b) term in stock exchange
(c) science of lower species (d) None of these

55. Somnam bulsim means:
(a) walk in rain (b) Walk in sleep
(c) science of rock rending (d) none of these

56. Macro economics means:
(a) branch of economics that studies changes (b) Fundamental system of mathematical
(c) financial system of provincial level     (d) None of above

57. Chauvinism means?
(a) strong belief that your country is important
(b) male dominancy in society
(c) politics of non-issues
(d) None of above

58. Sphinx is located?
(a) Syria (b) Iraq (c) Egypt (d) All of these

59. Martin Luther kings belonged to ?
(a) UK (b) Germany (c) USA (d) Brazil

60. Socrates belongs to ?
(a) Egypt (b) Roman Empire (c) Greece (d) Iran

 Past Papers Of NTS Answers

Past Papers Of NTS

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