PIA Hajj Fares 2023

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), the country’s flag carrier, reportedly announced costs for the Hajj in 2023 on Saturday, according to Express News.

An official from PIA stated that the price of the ticket for pilgrims undertaking a private Hajj is between $870 and $1,180.

The southern Pakistani provinces of Karachi, Quetta, Sukkur, and Hyderabad will cover this expense for pilgrims.

The price for pilgrims coming from the north of the country, which includes Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan, and other towns, will range from $910 to $1,220.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs is anticipated to release travel expenses for people traveling as part of the permitted Hajj quota.

Almost 38,000 pilgrims are expected to travel during the period from May 21 to August 2 during which the national airline will continue to offer Hajj flights.

Some 44,000 pilgrims will be transported to the Hijaz by Saudi Airlines and two private airlines flying from other regions of Pakistan. PIA will utilize the Boeing 777 and Airbus 320 for its Hajj flying operations to Madina and Jeddah.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony last week made the decision to set aside a special 25% quota in the government’s Hajj Plan for pilgrims who pay their expenses in US dollars. According to the new Hajj policy, which went into effect this week, they would also be exempt from voting.

The ministry asserted that the “Sponsorship Plan” will support about 22,400 pilgrims in response to the country’s ongoing foreign exchange difficulties.

Also, the Hajj quota for private operators has grown from 40 to 50 percent, and it might be expanded even more.

As part of the government initiative, the ministry anticipates receiving Rs1.1 million from each pilgrim, but if the currency continues to weaken, expenses might reach Rs1.3 million.

The Ministry of Finance was unable to raise $2 billion for the Hajj due to a paucity of foreign currency. Also, the Hajj tax rate is reportedly rising by 18–20% from the Saudi government.

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