Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2024 Announced

The most recent schedule for 2024 is the Complete Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2024 Pakistan, which is now underway. The Prize Bond Schedule has been fully changed. This calendar includes the prize bonds for the entire year 2024, from January to December: 100, 200, 7500, 1500, 7500, 15000, 25000, and Premium 40000 prize bond draw schedule. You may download the Prize Bond Schedule 2024 Pakistan article, which includes comprehensive information on the new premium bond as well as all other denominations.

Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2024 Announced PDF Download

You may access the Prize Bond Schedule 2024 at It contains details on the bond pricing, cities, draw dates, and status. Due to public holidays, there are no drawings on Saturdays or Sundays.

Prize Bond Draw Schedule Announced

Complete National saving Prize bond Draw Schedule 2024

A month ago, at the beginning of the year, the list for the next year was uploaded. The timetable for the prize bond draw includes information on the draw number, date, and location. Every prize year has four fortunate drawings; some months have four draws, some have two, and others have three. Every fifteen days is when the draws are planned. However, Sunday weekend is excluded, and there isn’t a draw on this day. The Prize Bond Draw Schedule for the upcoming year will be updated on this website with all draw lists, city information, and comprehensive downloads. December 2024 will see the release of the most recent Prize Bond Schedule 2024.

Prize BondsDrawDateDayCITYStatus
750 Rs.#9715 January, 2024MondaySialkotPrize Bond List 750
1500 Rs.#9715 February, 2024ThursdayLahorePrize Bond List 1500
100 Rs.#4515 February, 2024ThursdayPeshawarPrize Bond List 100
40000 Rs.#2811 March, 2024MondayFaisalabadPrize Bond List 40000
25000 Rs.#1311 March, 2024MondayKarachiPrize Bond List 25000
200 Rs.#9715 March, 2024FridayMuzaffarabadPrize Bond List 200
750 Rs.#9815 April, 2024MondayHyderabadPrize Bond List 750
1500 Rs.#9815 May, 2024WednesdayKarachiPrize Bond List 1500
100 Rs.#4615 May, 2024WednesdayLahorePrize Bond List 100
25000 Rs.#1410 June, 2024MondayPeshawarPrize Bond List 25000
40000 Rs.#2910 June, 2024MondayMultanPrize Bond List 40000
200 Rs.#9817 June, 2024MondayRawalpindiPrize Bond List 200
750 Rs.#9915 July, 2024MondayQuettaPrize Bond List 750
100 Rs.#4715 August, 2024ThursdayKarachiPrize Bond List 100
1500 Rs.#9915 August, 2024ThursdayMultanPrize Bond List 1500
25000 Rs.#1510 September, 2024TuesdayHyderabadPrize Bond List 25000
40000 Rs.#3010 September, 2024TuesdayLahorePrize Bond List 40000
200 Rs.#9916 September, 2024MondayPeshawarPrize Bond List 200
750 Rs.#10015 October, 2024TuesdayFaisalabadPrize Bond List 750
100 Rs.#4815 November, 2024FridayMultanPrize Bond List 100
1500 Rs.#10015 November, 2024FridayRawalpindiPrize Bond List 1500
25000 Rs.#1610 December, 2024TuesdayQuettaPrize Bond List 25000
40000 Rs.#3110 December, 2024TuesdayMuzaffarabadPrize Bond List 40000
200 Rs.#10016 December, 2024MondaySialkotPrize Bond List 200

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Rs 25000 Prize Bond Schedule 2024

Since the Pakistani government has chosen to stop issuing prizes in this denomination, the 25000 prize bond schedule for 2024 is not featured in this official publication. This $25,000 prize bond will eventually be added to the premium $25,000 prize bond, which will only be offered for sale on the CNIC through institutions that have registered.

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