PTCL 15 MBPS Unlimited Package Price

Here in this post we provide our visitors all the details related to PTCL 15 MBPS Unlimited Package Price 2023. As we all know, the national telecommunications provider in Pakistan is Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd., or PTCL for short. Despite the entry of a dozen additional telecommunications companies in Pakistan, including Telenor GSM and China Mobile, PTCL aims to provide statewide telephone and internet services and serves as the foundation of the nation’s telecommunications infrastructure.

Are you in searching for 15 MB Unlimited Package Price for ptcl for the year 2023? Then read this article till the end. Here the price of 15 MB for PTCL is available.

Following are the free addons with 15 MBPS PTCL package:

  • Freedom Unlimited
  • Smart TV
  • Smart TV App
  • Smart Link App
  • VAS Bundle

PTCL 15 MBPS Unlimited Package Price [2023]

6Mbps PackageRs 18756Mbps1 Month
8Mbps PackageRs 21508Mbps1 Month
15Mbps PackageRs 2,87015Mbps1 Month
25Mbps PackageRs 3,44525Mbps1 Month
50Mbps PackageRs 5,29550Mbps1 Month
100Mbps PackageRs 7,845100Mbps1 Month

All PTCL Packages Downloading Speed Chart:


Package Speed

Downloading Speed
1 Mbps128 KBps
2 Mbps256 KBps
4 Mbps512 KBps
8 Mbps1024 KBps/ 1MBps
16 Mbps2048 KBps/ 2MBps
32 Mbps4096 KBps/ 4MBps

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