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If you have started your FSc (intermediate) just now or are going to start it soon, this article is definitely for you. Here you will see a lot of information about taking down the difficulties most of the students faced during the FSc, especially in exam preparation. So, here we will mention some basic mistakes students make and also the solution to those. Here is one more thing, doing FSc is not an easy task. Students have to read lengthy courses and pass them. But on the other hand, it is not as difficult as one can think. So, to start the preparation at the start of the degree with passion and punctuality, you can pass the FSc with great marks. At the same time, we will also tell you where you can get the Free Online Notes For inter (FA/FSc)


Below are some mistakes that most students do and they see the consequence in the end. So, please try your best to avoid these and prepare yourselves for the exams honestly. FSc is also considered one of the important degrees in Pakistan because after this students have to choose the field for professional education which leads to their careers. So, most of the students choose to become a doctor and do MBBS after FSc. Likewise, others choose different engineering fields. So, an FSc degree and its marks have great importance in choosing a career.

Don’t Confuse FSc with Matric

A lot of students think that if they have passed the matric then they can do it in FSc easily. But, it is not a reality. You will see that the FSc books are much bigger than matric especially science subjects. FSc books have a lot of chapters covering a huge amount of pages full of topics. So, don’t take it too easy and start your preparation from the 1st day, so you can finish your whole syllabus on time without any difficulty.

  • Clear your Concepts

If you want to pass the FSc with good marks, then not only memorize the topic and understand them. If you have your concepts clear, you will never forget that topic. Here is one more thing: clearing the concepts is not only beneficial for the FSc but if you want to appear in the entry test, these concepts will help you a lot. In the entry test, the major part of the questions consists of conceptual questions.

  • Revise the Topics

Revise the topic as much as you can. If you think that you can remember all things after just one reading or memorization, then you are wrong. You have read the things repeatedly to understand them more precisely and remember them for a long time.

  • Make a Schedule

Without making a schedule/timetable, you can’t cover all things. Constructing a good timetable and following it accordingly is necessary. That schedule should cover all subjects and also have some time for rest or other activities to keep yourself fresh. So, make a smart schedule instead of a hectic one.

  • Don’t miss Tests

Never thought that a college test will not help you. Try to attempt every single test in teh colleges with the best preparation. Through these tests, you will get feedback and be able to do better next time with much better preparation.

At the same time, some professors provide notes to the students. Try to purchase or note those notes because teachers make them for the students according to their level of understanding. So, those notes also help the students a lot. However, here we will also mention a website from where you will get the FSc Part-I & II Notes without any cost. So, visit the FScOnline

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