Sila-e-Fun Program Online Registration 2023

One of the issues Punjab is experiencing is the instability of income among the elderly and the crippled, according to the Punjab Social Protection Policy. In addition, the protection of basic income for elderly persons is the destination of social security, according to ILO guideline 202 (2012). Pakistan is the only comparator nation that does not have a social pension programme for the elderly.

In order for the state to assume responsibility for the elderly, a cash transfer programme for the elderly must be established. Such a system was first developed in the 1990s by Bangladesh, India, and other regional nations.

Sila-e-Fun Program Online Registration

A programme for unconditional cash transfers is called Sila-e-Fun. The Punjab Social Protection Authority filled the void for senior artists working in the industry for more than 25 years by launching the Sila-e-Fun and incentive programmes in all 36 districts of Punjab.

It will offer pensions to Punjabi poets, journalists, and other media who have worked in disciplines such as film, television, literature, poetry, journalism, cinema, music, painting, etc. and who are in need. Artists over 50 who make less than 15,000 rupees per month would receive a monthly allowance of 5,000 rupees.

Purpose of Sila-e-Fun Program

The project aims to enhance the social and economic well-being of Punjabi citizens and financially vulnerable artists who have made a living from their art. The following goals guided the creation of this programme. By offering respectable social support, Punjab’s underprivileged and less wealthy artists must increase their social engagement.

  • Increase support for elderly people in need and struggling artists.
  • To lessen the financial plight of needy artists and the elderly on your social network
  • The action has assisted 2034 deserving artists in total.

Sila-e-Fun Program Eligibility Criteria

There is a qualification standard for entering this programme because it was not designed to be used by everyone. You might take part in this programme.

  • This is open to artists above the age of fifty.
  • They ought to have 25 years of relevant experience.
  • They should make less than Rs15,000 each month.
  • They ought to have a Pakistani national identity card number.
  • He hails from the Punjab district.

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