Sutlej River in medium flood at Sulemanki Bahawalnagar

According to ARY News, the Sutlej River has been experiencing a moderate flood near the Sulemanki Headworks with a continual rise in the river’s level.

The water submerged crops and other towns after the river deteriorated and broke Jamal Dharangawala’s defensive barrier of the river next to Head Sulemanki.

Water was rushing at Sulemanki and was flowing through the Sutlej at a rate of 84,430 cusecs.

The Sulemanki headworks have closed the Sadiqia Canal, Fordwah Canal, and Pak Pattan Canal.

The water level in the Sutlej River at Head Ganda Singh has risen to 20.40 feet and the water outflow has reached 75,900 cubic seconds.

In the Bahawalnagar district, the river is also flowing with moderate flooding. Numerous temporary protective dykes have been breached by the flood, which has also impacted numerous settlements close to the riverbed.

As a defensive embankment close to Falak Sher Sabuka collapsed, several communities lost their land connections. 1215 persons who were trapped in water were moved to safety by rescue crews.

15,000 cow heads reportedly were also moved to a safer location, according to Rescue sources.

Thousands of acres of standing crops, along with nearby homes and other buildings, have been damaged by floodwater.

The public has been ordered to flee to safer regions by local authorities.

Following prolonged rains in the river’s catchment areas, India recently spilled more than 2,000 m3 of water into the Sutlej in Pakistan. The nation has released water into districts downstream of the Sutlej River’s Harike and Ferozepur waterworks.

The Ravi and Sutlej rivers in Pakistan saw their worst flooding in 1988, destroying thousands of acres’ worth of crops and way of life.

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