Swat chairlift accident Mother and Daughter Missing After Chairlift Rope Snaps, Plunging Into the River

A tragic incident occurred in the picturesque region of Swat when a mother and her daughter disappeared after a chairlift rope collapsed and caused them to fall into the Swat River.

According to local authorities, the incident occurred in Bahrain’s Swat Valley, a popular tourist destination, when the rope supporting the chairlift abruptly snapped.

The mother and her one-year-old daughter tragically disappeared after plunging into the Swat River after the rope broke. Rescue teams are actively scouring the river in an effort to locate the missing individuals. The incident has sent shockwaves through the community, and authorities have immediately begun searching for the mother and daughter.

This unfortunate occurrence demonstrates the need for stringent safety precautions and routine maintenance of tourist attractions, particularly in areas renowned for their natural beauty. The community has united in support of the search and rescue operation, offering prayers and showing solidarity during this difficult period.

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