Telenor Daily Quiz Answers Today 10 February 2023

Answers to the Telenor Daily Quiz for February 10, 2023. Here are the solutions to my Telenor app quiz. Credit for today’s Q&A goes to MB. You can get Telenor Free MBs if you provide the right answers.

How do you all feel? I hope you all have a great day. Brothers from Pakistan, read this message carefully. You frequently visit our website. Daily Telenor quiz answers are available.

Telenor Answers Today 10 February 2023

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Question 1: When will PSL 8 start?

  • 44970
  • 44947
  • 45015
  • 31-Feb

Answer: 44970

Question 2: How many franchises are there in PSL?

  • 1
  • 8
  • 6
  • 10

Answer: 6

Question 3: How many total matches will be played this PSL?

  • 10
  • 34
  • 5
  • 49

Answer: 34

Question 4: Who is designing Lahore Qalandars kits this year?

  • Shaheen
  • HSY
  • MNR
  • Ronaldo

Answer: Shaheen

Question 5: PSL stands for Pakistan _____ League?

  • Slow
  • Silver
  • Stop
  • Super

Answer: Super

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