The Top 5 Tools for Download/Convert Videos

Videos are the new way of entertainment. Whether you stream it or download it, they often bring a lot of fun to enjoy. Now, people can make their video personally. Showing their part of life, making funny moments, etc. What’s best is that you can create any video in any format you want.

This is important since not every gadget can handle any video format. You need to do something about it. Converting videos is a tricky yet straightforward thing to do. With all the apps around, getting the desired video format is easier than ever.

We have several recommendations here, the best tools for downloading and converting videos in the easiest way possible. Let’s start with the first app, Snaptube.

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1. Snaptube

If you want an app that can download and search videos and audio from multiple countries, Snaptube is the way to go. All are fit in one place, and you can do so many things with it.

Being a versatile application, Snaptube can do wonderful things, like the Night Mode, which activated to protect your eyes during the night, multiple resolutions support, so you don’t need to worry about converting videos all over again.

It has the support for 240P to 4K videos, and all can be downloaded with a single tap. Easy Convert Videos to MP3 makes it easy to turn videos into audios. In case you’re downloading music compilation on Youtube, this feature will be helpful.

Snaptube also has the Floating Player, which enables chatting, playing games, news, and many things without opening and closing your videos. Installing this app is easy, and it’s light as well.

2. Vidmate Apk

Vidmate APK is the app that used specifically for downloading any videos to your phone for free. It’s still considered one of the best mobile apps for downloading videos from Youtube, Facebook, or other social media.

It is easy to use and pretty straightforward. One thing that’s best from it is the automatic screen adjustment. What this feature does is basically turning the screen resolution to match the resolution in your phone. Aside from the apps, you can use Vidmate through a browser to watch saved videos.

3. Snappea

Another strong competitor that comes with everything. Snappea is another mobile application that can manage multiple things at once. It can manage your music, apps, photos, and even messages on your phone. You can access it from the PC as well.

Phone management app is certainly not a new thing. But how about the one that’s more colourful and easy to use?

Not only offering a clean look, but Snapper also has other valuable features such as:

  • Converting videos to other gadgets (iPhone, iPod, iPad)
  • Manage music, ringtone, voice memos, playlist, and audiobook
  • Easy to transfer videos between devices (to iOs or PC)
  • Easy to transfer pictures between devices
  • Easy to transfer and manage Ebooks between devices
  • Can use other iPhone devices as external storage
  • Able to manage data stored in internal memory
  • Able to send documents to the computer
  • Compatible with all iPhone, iPod, and iPad models

4. Flvto

The fourth app on the list is Flvto, the entertainment app that can be used on 23 different platforms. This is the app for converting, whether it’s video or audio. It can convert videos to audio or converting video resolution. The result is pretty impressive, just as promised. Because this is a web app, you can easily access it with various gadgets and won’t eat your phone’s internal storage.

5. Tubidy

A pretty straightforward app to download videos from multiple entertainment websites is Tubidity. It can easily download videos from Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. You get some options when downloading a vido : HD quality or MP3. To get it, you should download its APK via its website since it’s not present in official stores.

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