Ufone Internet Packages Ufone Call Packages

Ufone Internet Packages daily, weekly, monthly 2023 & Ufone call Packages details available here. Check detail about internet packages 24 hours & 3g 4g packages. Moreover, details of ufone internet package hourly, weekly are available here. Furthermore, ufone eid offer or ufone eid packages check from here. Ufone is a Pakistani GSM cellular service provider. It was third mobile operator to enter in Pakistan market. Pak Telecom Mobile Limited (PTML) or ufone started its services under the brand name Ufone in January 2001.

Since it started services, Ufone pays attention on the people of Pakistan, empowering them with the most relevant communication modes and services that allow them to do a lot more than just talk, at a price that suits them the most. It has lowest call rates, clear sound and best network.

Ufone Internet Packages Daily

The special daily package is for those customers who wants to use internet from 1AM to 9 PM. Special daily package of ufone can be subscribe by daily *3461#. Price of package is 5 rupees. All the packages of ufone May June 2019 is available here. If you are looking for ufone night internet package then this package is perfect.

Special Daily Package Details

Price Rs 5
Limit1AM to 9 PM
Volume500 MB + 50 MB
Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone Daily Light Package

The daily light package is for those customers who wants to use internet for 1 day. Daily light package of ufone can be subscribe by daily *2256#. Price of package is 10 rupees.

Daily Lite Package
Price Rs 10
Limit1 day
Volume500 MB + 40 MB

Ufone Mega Internet Package | Ufone mega daily 3g package

Mega internet package of ufone can be subscribe by dialing *550#. The validity is from 1 AM to 8 PM. Price of package is 12 rupees.

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Mega Internet Package
Price Rs 12
Validity1AM to 8PM

Daily Heavy Package | Ufone heavy internet package

The daily heavy package is for those customers how wants to use internet for 1 day. Heavy package of ufone can be subscribe by daily *2258#. Price of package is 15 rupees.

Daily Heavy Package
Price Rs 15
Limit1 day
Volume500 MB + 75 MB

Ufone 3 Day Package

Ufone three day bucket is for those consumers who wants to use internet for 3 days. The subscription fees of the package is Rupees 25 and the package can be use by dialing *3350#.

3 Day Bucket

Price Rs 25
Limit3 days
Volume500 MB + 100 MB

Ufone Internet Packages Weekly

In ufone weekly bundle. There are three packages which are name as Weekly light, Super internet and weekly internet plus package. The details of these packages as well as how to subscribe the package are mention below. You can check your remaining volume by dialing *707#. ufone net pkg weekly details as well as ufone net pkg check details can be check from here.

Weekly Lite
Price Rs 50
Limit7 days
Volume2GB + 250 MB

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Weekly Super Internet | ufone super internet package
Price Rs 100
Validity7 days


Weekly Internet Plus
Price Rs 150
Validity7 days

Ufone Net Packages Monthly

In monthly net package of Ufone their are three packages. Which are name as monthly light, monthly heavy and monthly max package. The details of these packages as well as how to subscribe the package are mention below. You can check your remaining volume by dialing *707#. All the details of ufone net pkg is available here.

Monthly Lite Package
Price Rs 250
Limit30 days
Volume2GB + 1GB


ufone monthly heavy internet package
Price Rs 500
Validity30 days
Volume2GB + 3GB


Monthly Max
Price Rs 1000
Limit30 days
Volume2GB + 10GB
Ufone Internet Packages Content Bundles

In content bundles of ufone. There are four packages which are name as social daily, daily chat, streaming offer and social monthly. The remaining volume can be check easily by dialing *707#. Details of these packages are mention below. Check online Ufone Net Packages from here.

Ufone Social Daily
Price Rs 5
Limit1 day
Volume100 MB


Daily Chat
Price Rs 5
Limit1 day
Volume500 MB + 10,000 SMS


Streaming Offer
Price Rs 8
Validity1 Hour
Volume500 MB


Social Monthly
Price Rs 50
Limit30 days
Volume1 GB
Ufone Internet Packages & Ufone call Pakages
Ufone Call Packages | u to u call package | ufone to ufone call packages

Ufone Prepaid have alot of call packages. You can check details about Ufone call packages, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly & ufone cheap call packages from here as well as details about how to subscribe package. Here details of ufone call packages hourly, ufone off net call packages prepaid are available here. All the packages details are mention below. You can check and subscribe the package which better suite you.

Ufone Hourly Call Package | ufone 1 hour call packages | ufone uth pack call packages

Package Name


DetailsHow to Activate

Power Hour

Rs 7.17+Tax

10 off-net Minutes
60 U2U Minutes
60 SMS


Uth Student Offer

Rupees 3

Unlimited Ufone calls @ Rs. 0.75/hour


Dabang Hour (For ‘Uth’ package customers only)

Rupees 3.99+Taxon-net calls unlimited
SMS unlimited

Unlimited MB’s


Ufone Daily Call Packages (Prepaid) | ufone daily call pkg | ufone call packages daily

ufone call packages 24 hours are for those users who wants to use the call package for the duration of 1 day. In this packages you can avail unlimited on net minutes as well as unlimited minutes to ptcl & vfone. Moreover in this packages you can get unlimited internet as well. If you want ufone call package 100 minutes then you can also avail this package.

Package NamePriceDetailsHow to Activate
24 Ghanty Offer
Rs 11.99+Tax

On Net-minutes unlimited

Super Sasta Package0.90+tax/30 seconds (Ufone & Ptcl)*5678#
Din Bhar OfferRupees 79am-5pm Unlimited calls (Ufone + PTCL & Vfone)*445#
Super 5 OfferRs 5+Tax5am-5pm Unlimited calls & SMS (Ufone + PTCL & Vfone)*5252#
Daily Pakistan OfferRupees 18Unlimited on-net minutes+Unlimited MB’s*888#

Ufone Weekly Call Package (Prepaid)

Package NamePriceDetailsHow to Activate
Power Pack (Asli Chapphar Phar Offer)Rs 80
100 SMS+1000 MBs & 100 on-net mins
Weekly Pakistan OfferRs 100Unlimited on-net minutes+100 MB’s*8888#

Ufone monthly call packages

PackagePriceDetailsValidityActivation Code
Prime 300Rs.3001000 SMS+1000-net minutes+150 off-net min+500 MB30 DaysCall Helpline
Prime 600Rs.6002000 SMS+2000-net minutes+300 off-net min+1000 MB30 DaysCall Helpline
Prime 1000Rs.10005000 SMS+5000-net minutes+500 off-net min+2000 MB30 DaysCall Helpline
Prime 1500Rs.1500Unlimited on-net minutest
7000 SMS
8000 MB’s
750 off-net mints
30 DaysCall Helpline

Ufone Super Card Package Details

Charges520 Rupees
Validity1 Month
On-Net Minutes1000 Minutes
Off-Net Minutes150 Minutes
Internet MB’s1000 MB’s

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If you know any package that is not added here. Then tell us via comments we will add it here.

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