FLTA Fulbright For Teachers by USEFP In USA 2023

For English language teachers in Pakistan who want to hone their abilities and improve their English language fluency, the United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP) offers the Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) programme.

A nine-month programme is FLTA. In American colleges or universities, FLTA will provide Urdu or Pashto instruction. This programme has full funding. The programme will begin in 2024 fall.

Participants in the Fulbright FLTA are required to enrol in at least two courses per semester, one of which must be US Studies, and may help in up to 20 hours of language classes per week. The remaining coursework ought to be pertinent to their plans to become English language instructors.

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Fulbright FLTA Eligibility Criteria

  • A citizen of Pakistan holding a current passport from Pakistan.
  • Throughout the nomination and selection process, a Pakistani citizen.
  • Be a young educator just starting off.
  • 16 years or more of formal education is required.
  • Educate students at the college or university level in English or a similar subject.
  • Experience as a teacher is preferred.

How To Apply?

By the deadline for online application submission, a comprehensive application package—including academic transcripts and letters of recommendation—must be made. It’s a digital application. The use of paper copies is not permitted.

The application deadline for the Fulbright FLTA 2022 is March 8, 2023.

Those from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (FATA), AJK Gilgit Baltistan, Balochistan, Northern Sindh, and Southern Punjab, as well as women and people with disabilities, are all strongly urged to apply.

FLTA Fulbright For Teachers by USEFP In USA 2023

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