LESCO OTS Sample Papers 2023 Assistant Managers/Junior Engineers – Electrical Assistant Managers – Customer Services

Download online LESCO OTS Sample Papers 2023 for Assistant Managers/Junior Engineers – Electrical Assistant Managers – Customer Services posts from here. The major goal of LESCO is to control the Kilowatt (k.W) distribution across the many Lahore neighborhoods. This is operating day and night to serve its LESCO clients under the direction of WAPDA. Lesco multiple choice questions and answers are available here for download.

The candidates’ preparation for the nts Jobs test is aided by past nts papers, and these nts Solved multiple-choice questions are highly useful for passing tests. Here you can get the previous exams for the positions of Assistant Managers/Junior Engineers – Electrical, Assistant Managers – Customer Services, Assistant Managers – Accounts, Assistant Managers – Civil, Assistant Managers – HR, Assistant Managers – Field Store, Assistant Managers – HRIS, Assistant Managers – Recruitment & Selection, Assistant Managers – Database Administration, Assistant Managers – ERP Tech-Functional, Assistant Managers – Procurement & Contract Management, Assistant Managers – Network Administration, Assistant Managers – System Administration, Assistant Managers – IT Audit, and Assistant Managers IT. These example papers are also available for download in PDF format. The conclusion, MCQs from various papers are mentioned below.

LESCO OTS Jobs Sample Papers 2023 Assistant Managers/Junior Engineers – Electrical Assistant Managers – Customer Services

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  • Assistant Managers – Recruitment & Selection
  • Assistant Managers/Junior Engineers – Electrical
  • Assistant Managers IT
  • Assistant Managers HR
  • Assistant Managers – Accounts
  • Assistant Managers – System Administration
  • Assistant Managers – Procurement & Contract Management
  • Assistant Managers – Network Administration
  • Assistant Managers – IT Audit
  • Assistant Managers – HRIS
  • Assistant Managers – Field Store
  • Assistant Managers – ERP Tech-Functional
  • Assistant Managers – Database Administration
  • Assistant Managers – Customer Services
  • Assistant Managers – Civil

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You can quickly get nts model papers. The test syllabus includes MCQS with multiple-choice questions (MCQs), typically in the areas of computer, islamiat, chemistry, NTS English, and general knowledge. The test can last for an hour, two hours, or even more. In the end, sample papers are provided. With only one click, you may get these documents in pdf format.


Papers routinely undergo pattern and content changes. For current sample papers and information on paper composition/distribution, see the official website.

Complete the sentences by choosing the most appropriate word,
from the given lettered choices (A to D) below each.
1. We are today living in a _____ world, a world where physical _____
matter little.
A. Blossoming … engagement
B. Computerized … deformities
C. Borderless … distances
D. Developed … hindrances
Each question below consists of a related pair of words,
followed by five lettered pairs of words. Select the lettered pair
that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in
the original pair.
A. Sponge: absorb
B. Sin: expiate
C. Iron: rust linen
D. Detergent: cosmic
A. Death: obituary
B. News: proclamation
C. Education: whitepaper
D. Sentence: statement
Choose the lettered word or phrase that is most nearly opposite
in meaning to the word in capital letters.
A. lazy
B. shirk
C. avoid
D. devoid
Choose the word most similar in meaning to the capitalized
A. Perfect
B. Idealistic
C. Fanciful
D. Realistic

Read the passage to answer question 6-10
Culture refers to a group’s program for survival in and adaptation to its environment. The cultural program consists of knowledge, concepts, and values that are shared by group members through their symbols and
systems of communication. The United States, like other nations, has a shared set of values and symbols that form the core culture. This culture is shared to some extent by all the various cultural and ethnic groups that make up the nation. This core culture is difficult to describe because the United States is such a complex nation; it is easier to identify the core culture within an isolated premodern society. However, it is possible to assert that the political institutions reflecting some of the nation’s core values were heavily influenced not only
by the British but also by the Native Americans, particularly those practices
related to making group decisions. A key concept in the U. S. core culture is the idea that “all men are created
equal.” When the nation’s founding fathers expressed this idea in 1776, their conception of men was limited. White men without property, white women, and all African Americans and Native Americans were excluded.
While the concept of equality had a limited meaning at that time, it has proven to be a powerful idea in the quest for civil rights in the United States. It remains an important part of the U. S. core culture and is still usedby victimized groups to justify their struggles for equality.
6. With which of the following statements would the author most probably
A. People generally view culture in terms of survival.
B. Americans believe their culture is superior to others.
C. The cultural program of a society is established by its political
D. Most people in a country share certain core values.
7. Which of the following would NOT be included under the definition of
“culture” in paragraph 1?
A. Educational system
B. Concept of humor
C. Skin and eye color
D. Concept of human rights
8. In the under lined lines, in paragraph 2, the author suggests that:
A. the United States is an isolated premodern society
B. the culture of a premodern society is simpler than the U. S.
C. the United States has no core culture
D. very little is known about societies that have developed in

LESCO NTS Sample Papers 2023 Assistant Managers/Junior Engineers - Electrical Assistant Managers - Customer Services

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