Solar Panel Price in Pakistan January 2024

Solar Panel Price in Pakistan January 2024 will be updated here. As a competitor of the world, Pakistan is introducing the latest solar technology. Now the whole world has developed rapidly in the field of solar energy. Solar energy has become an integral part of GDP growth and development of Pakistan. In Pakistan, solar panels are being used in factories, farms, tube wells and even homes. Most people wanted to know the latest price of solar panel in Pakistan.

Latest Solar Panel Prize in Pakistan

As the prices of solar panels decrease in Pakistan, the demand for them increases. In past price of 160W was 15000 but latest price is 11000. There is a big demand for solar panels in Pakistan.

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Solar Panel Prices in Pakistan

Solar Panel Price in Pakistan January 2024 latest prices will be here soon.

165 Watt Solar Panel: Rs.11,000

260 watt solar panel: 25,000 to 30,000 rupees

550 Watt Solar Panel: Rs.35,000-45,000

Best Solar Panels in Pakistan

The sun shines on Pakistan, and so does its ability to harness its energy. With energy bills rising and concerns about climate change intensifying, switching to solar power has never been more appealing. But before you invest in solar, you need to know the score: How much do solar panels cost in Pakistan today?

Government solar subsidy Pakistan

As of December 2023, the average price per watt of good quality solar panels in Pakistan is from Rs. 50 to Rs 58. Expect to pay slightly more for premium brands and advanced technologies like bifacial panels or N-type cells. This translates to approximately Rs. 250,000 to Rs.350,000 for a typical 5kW residential system.

Solar Panel Financing Pakistan

Investing in solar is an investment in your future. By staying informed about the latest prices, trends, and considerations, you can make a smart decision to power your home with clean, sustainable energy. So, soak up the sun’s rays and watch your savings grow!

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